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High Five… Greek Islands!

So you’ve been blown away by Thailand’s beaches. You’ve caught some rays on Bondi. And you’ve sunbathed with the masses on Rio’s Copacabana. So what next?

How about staying a bit closer to home? Only a 3 hour flight away, Greece is glistening with over 6,000 islands and islets, around 227 of which are actually inhabited and bursting with awesome culture, out-of-this-world food, and beaches that are up there with the world’s best.

Greek Islands: you rock my world. I will raise my glass of Ouzo, and give you a massive High Five.

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Around the world in 80 ways

A round the world trip is about experiences: the people you meet; the memories you make; and the stories you tell. And, usually, those things aren’t found at your final destination. They’re found on the road. Or on an elephant. Or on the roof of a bus. Or on an elephant on the roof of a bus.

Get going in a tuk tuk

There are heaps of ways to make your way around the world, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite. So grab your backpack, and leave your expectations at home. We’re going round the world in 80 ways.

Have an open mind

What you are about to witness are some alternative ideas for travelling round the world. Some are practical, some are a bit out there, and some are verging on the ridiculous. Let’s go!

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Ask the Experts: Something different this Summer

Our Experts are back and raring to solve your travel quandaries! This week’s question is one that loads of you will be thinking about right now, and it involves the all important Summer Holiday. We’ll leave it to Blog reader Sophie to phrase it eloquently:

Me and a couple of friends want to go travelling this summer for around 2 -3 weeks. We don’t have any preferences on destination, but want something a little bit different and exciting. Any ideas? Sophie

A tall order for the Experts – sometimes the most general questions are the hardest to answer! But nothing’s phased them yet, and something tell us our Experts are going to try their damndest to give Sophie some great inspiration for her summer plans.

If you’ve got your undies in a twist over a travel related question, drop us an email, and our Experts will do their best to sort you out!

Experts – it’s over to you.

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High Five… New Zealand’s Beaches!

What do you think of when you think of New Zealand? Mountains? Beautiful green landscapes? Lord of the Rings? Let me stop you right there. There’s so much more to New Zealand than greenery and hobbits. Take the amazing beaches, for example.

Yeah, that’s right, beaches! In New Zealand! Not only are they plentiful, they’re also totally awesome. And they deserve a massive HIGH FIVE!

From hot and sandy on the North Island to those on the edge of a luscious forest in the South, we’re counting down five of our favourite beaches in the land next to the land Down Under.

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Shakedown, Sunshine Coast

This week, we’re giving Australia’s stunning Sunshine Coast a good old-fashioned shaking down.

We’ll be taking you on a journey through all you could possibly need to know to prepare for a visit to this sun seeker’s dream: when to go; how to get there; what to see, and most importantly, where to catch those promised rays! Strap yourself in – we’re going Down Under!
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