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10 Amazing January Sale Deals That Will Help You Make 2014 Unforgettable!

If December is a party, then January is the hangover. We know this feeling far too well! But to take your minds off work, resolutions, diets and detoxes, STA Travel are making sure that there is plenty to be positive about this January.

When it’s cold and miserable outside, what better way to avoid the January blues than by booking your next trip? Start 2014 as you mean to go on, by doing what you really love: travelling.

Whether you’re making a big change with a round-the-world trip or you just want to tick another country off your bucket list, make sure you don’t get #STAFOMO and check out our top deals from our epic January Sale.

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A Dummies Guide to Working in Canada

Here at STA Travel, along with help from our buddies at working holiday specialists BUNAC, we’ve been sending lots of eager young people to Canada for years; and between us, what we don’t know about Canada isn’t worth knowing. So we’ve invited Sophie from BUNAC to put together this handy all-you-need-to-know guide to working holidays in Canada.

Have you had enough of the humdrum of life here in the UK? Do you want to be more than just a tourist and fully immerse yourself in a completely new country? Would you like to experience a land that is home to Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson and maple syrup? If you answered ‘yes’ to the following questions, then this blog will help turn your Canadian dreams into a reality.

If you’re considering a working holiday in Canada, or have already decided to take the plunge and go for it, this blog will help you with all those unanswered questions.

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11 Reasons to Head to New Zealand in Winter

If you’re anything like me, summer holidays are for spending somewhere hot. We get enough cold weather in the UK, after all, so why spend summer trying to keep warm when you could be lying on a beach soaking up the rays, right?

Yep, that was pretty much my train of thought. So I was incredibly excited when I found out I’d be spending a week in New Zealand in June. Until it slowly dawned on me: New Zealand is in the Southern hemisphere. Their seasons are opposite to the UK. So in December and January they’re soaking up the sun, and from June – August… you guessed it, it’s the middle of winter.

But guess what? New Zealand in June was so beautiful, so snow-covered, so full of amazing outdoor activities that could only happen in winter and so much fun that hitting the beach was the last thing on my mind.

The Queenstown Winter Festival Dog Derby contestants get serious | Image courtesy of Stefan Haworth

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Ask the Experts: What Can I Do During My Trip to New Zealand This Summer?

It’s Friday so that can only mean one thing here at the STA Travel Blog… It’s Ask the Experts time!

This week Claire tackles a question about New Zealand from a very confused Sammi in Southampton. Don’t forget, if you have a travel question you’d like to put to our Experts you can email us now, and we’ll put it to them right here on the blog very soon! Ok, so here’s this week’s question, Claire, give it your best shot!

Hi Experts I’m going to New Zealand next month (North and South island) and I know it’s winter there now, what kind of weather can I expect? And also what kind of activities would you recommend I do? Sammi, Southampton

Hmmmm, and interesting question, and the good thing is, New Zealand has SO much to offer, you can’t fail to find adventure. Lets see what Claire suggests for you Sammi…

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Where’s the best snow in New Zealand?

Keep your cool, we’re about to explore the famous ski fields of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s no secret that New Zealand offers up some of the world’s best powder for snow sport lovers, of every level.

If the idea of carving some grooves in the crisp Kiwi air makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, stick with us. We’re about to give you a rundown of New Zealand’s seven premier winter sports destinations.

If getting slope-side is a priority, try and plan to visit between June and October, when the pistes are at their best, with a handful in the central North Island dragging over into mid November.

One final tip: try and pencil down the school holidays. Young New Zealanders descend on the slopes like a garrulous avalanche, snagging lifts and carving up the peaks like a plague of cheeky locusts.

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