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My Whirlwind Tour of India’s Golden Triangle and the Highlights of Rajasthan

This month, we’ll be introducing you to Tailor Made India trips, born from our vast knowledge of India itself and the understanding that, while an adventure here is without a doubt one of the best travel experiences you could ever wish to have, putting a trip together, can be hard work and pretty confusing.

That’s why we’ve spent that past few months training 3 of our best Travel Experts in all things India. It’s safe to say, Alyce, Thomas and Nick were all completely India obsessed before and are now ready for the challenge of helping you create a specific and completely personal trip to India that ticks every single one of your boxes.

This week on the blog, Alyce is here to share the experience of one of her trips there, and explain why she has fallen completely under it’s spell.

Alyce (L) at the Amber Fort, Jaipur.

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Shakedown, Berlin

Europe’s coolest capital? Well, Berlin is definitely up there. For somewhere so steeped in history and conflict, Germany’s capital is rapidly stealing the show from the rest of Western Europe’s popular hangouts. With a combination of glamorous style and urban cool, Berlin has been reborn, dusting off the rubble of post-war Germany and quickly turning into a young and vibrant city of culture, business, art and music.

Here we’re going to give you a shakedown of what Berlin is all about, to help you feel more like a local and avoid a repeat JFK’s famous words “Ich bin ein Berliner” (no, you’re not a doughnut, although…).

Brandenburg Gate.

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Flash Sale! Save £400 on our Most Epic Adventure Tours

Last week we bought you 10 tours for £399. Now, as our epic touring flash sale steps up a gear, we bring you our next amazing flash sale offer, a HUGE selection of our best, most popular worldwide adventure tours, each with a whopping £400 off!

Calm down, I know this is exciting, but focus. You only have 4 days to bag one of these awesome trips before this offer runs out – that’s why we call it a ‘flash’ sale.

Below are my own choices of the top 5 trips available (I can do that, I’m writing this thing) but – and this is good news – there are too many to put in one blog post. So jump straight over to our Flash Sale area of the website and check out the rest, you’d be hard pressed not to find one you’ll love.

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Why Does Everyone Go to Morocco?

Ancient and bustling medinas, mysterious and lush mountains, desolate Saharan dunes, streets lined with snake charmers and story tellers, the constant aroma of spices tantalising your senses…

It all sounds so exotic, so inviting, so warm, and so appealing. Do you know what else it sounds like? It sounds a lot like Morocco. Yep, this North African land is getting a lot of love lately, and there’s quite a few reasons why. Do you fancy Rocking the Kasbah?

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High Five… Baltic Europe!

The Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – sit isolated right up in the northern most part of mainland Europe, undiscovered by most of the world… or so it once was. These days the Baltics are a massive destination for city stays, stag dos, beach breaks and a cultural hub for traditional music and dance.

Five of our favourite things about the Baltics

Despite the growing tourist numbers there are still some out of the way gems and natural beauties to be discovered – and here’s our pick of five of the best.

Beautiful Riga

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