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5 MASSIVE reasons to head to Sydney for Christmas & New Year’s

Did you blink? Unfortunately in that time you may have missed the mysterious phenomena known as the ‘British Summer!’ Yes, we are grateful for the few glorious days we received here and there… but we’re still not convinced we got our monies worth on the giant paddling pool we purchased from Argos on that hungover Sunday!
SO, basically… we demand more sun. Avoid the dark British winter for a sun-fueled trip that also includes the BEST Christmas and New Year’s EVER! There’s only one place that will didgeridoo the trick… Sydney, Australia! See why below…

1. New Years Eve fireworks

Sydney’s fireworks are world famous for a reason… because they are quite simply BREATH-TACULAR-ZING! (We admit, that is not an actual word, but it’s hard to describe how breath-taking, spectacular and amazing they really are!)
Last year, $7 million was spent on the dazzling display and Sydney welcomed 1.5million spectators to the amazing Harbour city.
New Year’s admittedly brings out our soppy side… and with the added effect of watching the best fireworks in the world whizzing over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it’s pretty hard not to well up and send a cheesy ‘I wish you were here, love you so much’ text to all your friends and family back home! For those that can’t pace themselves and handle the goon, luckily there is a 9pm display, which is a tasty starter before the ginormous main meal! It really is an experience that you’ll never forget.

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Our favourite Bestival themes EVER.

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! Bestival is one of the most flamboyant, colourful and well-dressed festivals out there. It’s ALL about the fancy dress, so make sure you pack your onesie, glitter, face paint and hair-spray. Costumes are imperative. This year’s theme is futuristic, so I’m thinking tin foil and lots of silver paint.

For a little inspiration on this year’s costume, let’s take a look back at past themes and see how they pulled them off.

2015 Summer of Love

Summer of Love


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En route to Bestival and slightly excited? SAME, so are we! We’re back at Bestival this year and it’s going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever.

Bit of a festival pro? See how many of the below fun festival feels you can relate to.

For all you festival newbies out there, do not fear. Here’s a tiny taste of some of the emotions/experiences that are about to be thrust upon you.

1. Praying to the Sun Gods…

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Throwback to our favourite Bestival artists!

We’re bringing you a homage to all the greats that have graced the Bestival stage over the last 12 years. Oh boy there have been some good ones! From the likes of Amy Winehouse to the Beastie Boys and The Prodigy to The Cure.

So let’s throwback to some classic line ups and get a little bit BUZZING for this year’s Bestival!

2004: Basement Jaxx


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STA Travel takes on Bestival

This is the second year that STA Travel will be taking on Bestival and we literally cannot wait! But unfortunately like everyone else, we’re just gonna have to. After the success of last year, we are promising to comeback BIGGER and BETTER than ever before.

So here’s what we’ve got in store for you beautiful festival goers…

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