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Prizewinner’s Story – Katie Cummings Roams Southeast Asia

On an ordinary day back in December 2011 Katie Cumming’s entered her details to a competition to win an Epic Asian Adventure as part of our Like It and Land It prize giveaway on Facebook.

On an amazingly extraordinary day in January she received a call from our Marketing Exec Emma to say she had won the trip for herself and a lucky plus 1.

In April this year Katie and her new best friend took off on their trip of a lifetime to experience the charm of Southeast Asia on a journey that saw them hit Bangkok and the magnificent beaches of southern Thailand, before heading down to Malaysia’s street food capital Penang, through the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur and across for a short stop in beautiful Malaka before finally arriving in the exciting metropolis of Singapore.

We’ve crammed Katie’s 2 week trip into this bite sized blog post so grab a brew and spend 5 glorious minutes fantasising about taking off to sunnier climates.

Enjoying getting to know new friends

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High Five… Mediterranean Europe!

We’re really quite lucky here in the UK, y’know. Not only can we lay claim to some of the best things this world has ever seen (I’m thinking Marmite, David Beckham and Eastenders, obvs), but we’re also a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean and some of the best coastlines on the planet.

There’s no better place to be in the blazing summer heat that on the cool coast on the Med. Often overlooked as just another package holiday destination, the sprawling region of southern Europe has so much to offer.

With beautiful beaches and buzzing cities full of history and culture, each area is so different from the last. And it’s not all about lazing by the sea for a week, either. In fact, if you look in the right places, the Med can be the beach holiday destination for people who don’t do beach holidays.

We’re giving Mediterranean Europe a massive High Five, and counting down five places that you just have to visit one summer.

Get ready to discover our favourite Mediterranean summer spots

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High Five… Summer Sailing!

Ahoy there, me hearties! We’ve got some news for all you landlubbers. Camping is so last year. Road trips? So 2011, people. And don’t even get us started on trekking, cycling, or elephant rides.

This summer, there’s a new travelling trend in town: say hello to the sailing adventure.

Swap wilting grass and grey tarmac for beautiful turquoise waters, and discover places you never knew existed in the way only a journey on a boat allows.

A sailing adventure is a truly unique experience, and one that we reckon everyone should do at least once in their lives. So, we’re giving it a big High Five, and counting down five of our favourite sailing trips to make in the summer.

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High Five… California Coast!

California has given us many things to be thankful for. Most of the world’s best movies, for one. Not to mention amazing burgers, celebrity culture, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career in politics.

But one of the best things about California has to be it’s amazing coastline. Not only is it stunning, but it’s home to some of the world’s most wonderful and diverse sights and cities.

We reckon the California coast deserves a massive High Five! To quote one of our favourite TV shows set on the coast itself…

Californiaaaa, Californiaaaa, here we coooo-ooome!

Get ready to dream of California's amazing coastline

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Ask the Experts: honeymoon with a difference

Our Experts are back for another week of travel sleuthing, as they look at your most pressing travel questions and come up with an array of tempting solutions and ideas.

Have you got a travel itch that you just can’t scratch? Then email us with your questions, and we’ll put them to the Experts right here on the STA Travel Blog.

This week’s question comes courtesy of Blog reader Kirsty, who’s getting married (congratulations Kirsty!), and is stuck for honeymoon ideas…

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