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Ask the Experts: How can we get the best out of our next 6 months in South America?

This week’s Ask the Experts is not one, but TWO, great questions about South America. Lucky Caroline is already volunteering in Peru, and she wants a little advice about where to take her adventure next…

What are the best weekend excursions from Lima? We went to Huacachina to do sand boarding which was amazing, but we want to know what else Lima has to offer?

Also, we have six weeks to travel in after Christmas but we’ve heard it’s not the best time for Macchu picchu and the jungle. Where would you recommend we go?

Great questions Caroline! Our Expert, Lucy, is going to step up and give it all she’s got…

Fancy spenging some time at the Ballestas Islands? Thought so...

There are lots of really cool things to do around Lima, and for a weekend trip you should definitely head to the Ballestas Islands. There’s lots of wildlife to keep your eyes out for, including dolphins, sealions and the Humboldt penguins.

You can catch the boat over to the islands from Pisco ― make sure you try one of the infamous Pisco Sour cocktails whilst you are there. For a day trip, the Nazca lines are a must see in Peru, catch a flight over them for some absolutely incredible views!

If you have 6 weeks to travel starting in Lima, then I suggest you book our Lima to Rio Adventure. You’ll see loads of Peru’s best bits, and the Inca Trail will still be open in January so you can conquer Macchu Picchu then if you want to.

Then you’ll cross over the border into Bolivia where you can live with locals on Lake Titicaca and stop at the salt flats for some awesome photo opportunities.

Head on over to Lake Titicaca.

After that, it’s on to Argentina and the birthplace of tango; Buenos Aires. It is an amazing city with lots of different things to do, and make sure you don’t forget to try an Argentinean steak too!

No trip to South America would be complete without a stop at the magnificent Iguassu Falls. See them from the Brazilian side, and then finish your adventure by travelling up the coast.  Stop at the beautiful beaches of Florianopolis, Paraty and Ilha Grande, before spending your last few days in the party capital Rio, chilling out on Copacabana with a Caiprinha in hand or partying with the locals at a Favela Funk party.

That’s your next six months sorted then, Caroline! Why not send our Travel Experts your travel question, and give them a chance to give you some advice right here on the blog.

High Five… Great Britain!

We may not always have the best weather (ok, almost always we don’t) and we may spend a large part of our day, dreaming about escaping to exotic shores and adventures over the other side of the world, but sometimes I think we don’t realise how lucky we actually are here in Britain.

With some of the most grand and well preserved history in the world, beautiful landscapes able to rival any other you’ll find on the European continent and cosmopolitan cities, full of examples of the very cultural phenomenon’s that help our tiny island lead the way in terms of inspirational arts, music, dance, food, theatre, and architecture.

During this weeks High Five I’m taking a while to stop, reflect, and consider all the amazing places to visit and the fantastic experiences we have right here under our very noses – places that you can often get to during a free weekend.

The Roman Baths, Bath.

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Ask the Experts: How should I spend two months travelling around Asia on a budget of £6000 for two people?

This week, we have a curious and very valid question on the best way to spend two months travelling around glorious Asia…

My boyfriend and I have booked flights to Hong Kong, where we plan on being based whilst we travel around Asia for two months. We have a budget of about £6000 pounds between the two of us – where can you recommend going, and how exactly should we to do it? Jennifer

We get asked a LOT of questions like this, so we know the Expert advice on offer will fall on many keen ears…

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Ask the Experts: How Can I Spend 3 Free Days In Italy?

It’s F F F F Friiiiiiday! And that can only mean one thing… Ask the Experts time!

Every week, our biggest travel brains tackle questions thrown their way by readers of this very blog. If you’re keen to get answers to a travel question that’s been pickling your brain, all you need to do is email it to us and sit back while our Experts come up with the goods. This weeks question comes from Emma in Essex…

My boyfriend and I are heading to Italy for a week at the end of May for a wedding in Orta San Giulio and need some ideas on how to fill our time before the wedding. We’re flying into Milan and spending 2 nights there, and then have 3 days before we need to get to Orta San Giulio. Any ideas on where to go, and how to get around? Emma, Essex

Ciao Experts! What advice can you rustle up for Emma?

Lake Como is home to the rich and famous and completely beautiful.

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Where and When to Find our ‘Your Big Trip’ Travel Talks

What is the one thing you need to know if you’re booking a round the world trip? How do you get a job after gaining a TEFL qualification? What’s they best way to travel across America? How long do you need to take part in a volunteering project?

When it comes to planning your own big trip, whatever that may be, there’s one thing that you’ll have in common with everyone else planning theirs – questions. And lots of them.

This month and next, our STA Travel stores will be open late to host our ‘Your Big Trip’ travel talks. A series of nights aimed at sharing advice, tips, important information and inspiring ideas you haven’t even considered, straight from the mouths of our own Travel Experts but also from some very knowledgeable and experienced special guests.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, you could win one of a whole heap of prizes, from bus passes to hotel nights, just for turning up! (Oh, and there’ll probably be a free beer or two too, as if you needed any more convincing).

If you’re planning on heading off on your own trip of a lifetime anytime soon, you can’t afford to miss it, and best of all – they’re totally free! Just make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible because places are filling up fast.

So, that’s the ‘why’s’ taken care of, here’s all the info on the ‘when’ and ‘where’s’.

Thousands of excited would be travellers take inspiration from out travel talks every year.

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