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Where to Find the World’s Best Breweries

Ale. Amber Nectar. Brewski. Call it what you will, but when it comes to beer, we at STA Travel class ourselves as experts in the field.

With 22nd September bringing the start of Oktoberfest (no, we aren’t sure of the logic either), we’ve selflessly traversed the globe and highlighted several of the best breweries to visit, so you don’t have to.

We’ve tasted, quaffed and spat – actually, very little of the latter – to bring you our lowdown on the world’s finest breweries.

Beer goggle.

Prepare to don your beer goggles as we take you through our favourite breweries in the world. Image courtesy of Cayusa

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High Five… Western Australia!

It’s often overlooked by backpackers in favour of Queensland or New South Wales, but I reckon that Western Australia is the cherry on Australia’s metaphorical sundae.

Its home to some of the world’s most acclaimed beaches, national parks and incredibly cool wildlife – think whale sharks, crocodiles and red kangaroos. Its buzzing capital, Perth, get more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Convenient, then, that it’s nestled right on the coast, boasting gorgeous beaches to enjoy all that sunshine on.

Ten times the size of the UK, Western Australia claims the heady title of the largest state in the world. But its population stands at just over 2 million, which means a vast Outback just waiting to be explored.

It seems like Australia’s wild wild west ticks even the most discerning of backpacker’s boxes. So I’m slapping the state with a big High Five, and counting down five amazing experiences to be had there.

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6 Things You Need To Know About Adventure Tours

Adventure tours rock my world – almost as much as Passionfruit Mojitos (almost).

And, sometimes they get a bit of a bad rep. The majority of us who have experienced life as part of a tour group wouldn’t look back, but some – rather unfairly – dismiss the idea of adventure touring right off the bat.

Common misconceptions include; ‘they’re so expensive’ and ‘you don’t get time to do your own thing’, and that’s exactly what they are – misconceptions. Whether you’ve ever thought about taking an adventure tour or not, it’s important that you read the rest of this blog.

Adventure tours offer a whole host of ways to experience an authentic taste of culture

Below are 6, very good, reasons why I think adventure touring is the ultimate way to travel, including some opinions from our ever vocal Twitter community thrown in for good measure.

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8 criminally good prisons to visit

Fascinating, culturally significant and sometimes a little bit spooky.

There’s something within us that can’t help but be captivated by how the other (naughty) half live; and law, order and punishment are such important aspects of culture that it’s an interesting and important way to get right under the skin of the country you’re visiting and really understand it.

If you have a hankering for a soft taste of hard labour continue reading as we introduce our top 8 prisons to visit from around the world.

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6 Offbeat Outback Events

Whenever I start talking about Australia’s Northern Territory; I am transported back to some of my favourite travelling days; road tripping with my girlfriend around Australia. While not strictly true in a geographical sense, the Northern Territory acted like a wonderland plateau. An escape from the gold-lined coastlines and coffee shop urbanity of Australia cities.

“This, ” I figured, “is the Australia I came for.”

The experience of road tripping through the Territory was often a surreal one. We would drive our ute for long hours, without sight of another vehicle. Our Sat Nav stared at us nonchalantly. We cheered as we veered around rare bends in the road; and whooped as the fear of an empty fuel tank was alleviated by petrol stations that appeared from nowhere.

The landscape is indubitably one of its most iconic features; in the south, its fire red deserts are pinned down by pale green bursts of spinifex grass and the length of steel grey tarmac that make up Highways 1 and 87.

In the tropical north, a mishmash of wetlands and winding rivers flourish in “the Wet” season (the Australian summer, November to January) before drying out for the winter months.

But there’s something else going on in the Northern Territory, which, if you’re a traveller seeking out authentic experiences, could be right up your creek. The people of the Northern Territory have a character that can only be born within such a unique collection of landscape. And from that; a collection of curious events have bloomed:
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