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High Five… Safaris!

As one of the most sought after adventures on the planet, an African safari will take you straight through the heart of some of the largest, and most exciting terrain to be found anywhere in the world.

Adventures don’t come much more electrifying than this; feel your heart beat through your chest as you come up close to some of the biggest, most powerful animals on the planet, including the notorious ‘Big 5’, the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

Here are the ‘Big 5′ of my very own, here’s our five favourite epic African safaris.

Search for the 'Big 5' on the great plains of Africa.

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8 bus passes that will make your life easier when travelling

When you hear the word’s bus and pass, you’ll probably conjure unglamorous memories and images related to school, work, rain, and a lot of waiting. Well, scrap that, because here at STA Travel, our bus passes are a whirlwind of hop-on hop-off, fun, flexibility, people, sun, culture and convenience. Yep, bus passes just got cool.

Not only is your transport sorted, you’ll have a guaranteed good night’s sleep at our best hotels and hostels, and there’s a tonne of action packed day trips to choose from. So what are the top 8 bus passes that will make your life easier while travelling?

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10 Amazing January Sale Deals That Will Help You Make 2014 Unforgettable!

If December is a party, then January is the hangover. We know this feeling far too well! But to take your minds off work, resolutions, diets and detoxes, STA Travel are making sure that there is plenty to be positive about this January.

When it’s cold and miserable outside, what better way to avoid the January blues than by booking your next trip? Start 2014 as you mean to go on, by doing what you really love: travelling.

Whether you’re making a big change with a round-the-world trip or you just want to tick another country off your bucket list, make sure you don’t get #STAFOMO and check out our top deals from our epic January Sale.

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The Top 5 Ways to Spot the Big 5 in South Africa

South Africa is a wonderland, a part of the world that won’t fail to surprise and astound you time and time again.

One of the South Africa’s most famous draws? Nature, at its fierce, diverse and entertaining best. Kruger National Park is the perfect place to see for one of the most exciting nature encounters there is, spotting the Big 5 – a group of 5 huge game animals – in the wild. The big five are: lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros and coming up close to them is a humbling but thrilling experience.

There are a huge selection of overland trips to help you get up close and personal with the Big Five in South Africa, here are our pick of the top 5 overland trips to spot the Big 5.

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Ask the Experts: I Have £4,000 Saved for my Gap Trip – What Should I Do?!

It’s time for another blog reader question to be posed to our Travel Experts here on the STA Travel Blog as part of or Ask the Experts series and this week we’re talking Gap Years – exciting!

Sam from Newquay wants some help with the initial planning stages of their trip and as always Lucy and Claire are stepping up to help and share their top tips for an awesome adventure. So Sam, what would you like to know?

I am thinking of taking some time out to go travelling after I finish college and before I start uni next year. I think I can save around £4,000 for the whole trip – what would you do? Sam, Newquay.

This is exactly the kind of question our Experts love, one with lots of space for inspiration and ideas. Let’s see where they’re taking us this week…

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

I’d escape the British winter and head to Africa for an overland adventure of a lifetime! As your friends are hiding indoors trying to escape the rain or stuck with boring relatives over Christmas, you can be in your shorts on safari in the Serengeti looking for lions or in a dug out canoe cruising down the Chobe River or sand boarding down the awesome dunes of Namibia!

Watch wildlife on the edges of the Chobe River.

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