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Ask the Experts: Where to Volunteer in Africa?

It’s question time again! No, not that boring show on BBC One with all the miserable people in suits – we’re talking about something much more interesting – travel!

This is the blog series where one of you, the STA Travel Blog readers, challenge our clued up Travel Experts to answer that question that has had you scratching your head for ages!

This week, Amy is here to suss out some super volunteer projects for a student at her school, sounds interesting. What’s your question Amy?

I am a career advisor at a school in Melksham and one of our current year 12’s is looking at taking a gap year. She hopes to go for the full year in Africa looking at areas of conservation and community projects. I have begun to do a little research for her but I wanted to know if you had any longer term projects available or if you could recommend any? Alternatively would there be any other possible projects that she could be involved in as well as in Africa to give her a chance to see other parts of the world? Amy, Wiltshire

Well Amy, we’ve got lots of love for volunteering projects here at STA Travel and offer a huge selection of opportunities for you to make a difference and travel at the same time – take a look at our Volunteer and Learn brochure for the full set of options. But before that, let’s see which particular projects our Expert Amy suggest for your student…

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Why is Everyone Going to Dubai?

Dubai is already a huge stopover hub for flights en route to China, Japan, India, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand as the home of Emirates, one of the world biggest airlines.

And from 1st April, thanks to a new partnership between Emirates and Qantas, the other huge airline servicing the same side of the world, it’s set to become a lot more popular as Qantas begin to stopover in the Arab state too.

So the question should really be; if you have to stopover in Dubai, and you have the chance to spend a few days exploring this unique city as an added extra, why the heck wouldn’t you grab the opportunity with both hands?!

The sad thing is, many of those travellers won’t even see outside of the airport departure lounge as they spend a few hours sat in Burger King and stocking up on duty free before carrying on with their journey.

Maybe that’s because many people aren’t aware of the option for a longer stopover, maybe it’s because they don’t have the time, or maybe it’s because they’ve been sucked in by a few age old myths about travelling to Dubai.

Think Dubai’s Not For You? Think Again…

Below are 5 myths we commonly hear about travel to Dubai. Reasons which, somewhat unfairly, stop people from making the decision to explore Dubai for themselves. So it’s time to bust them – once and for all!

See something a little different to the insdie of the departure lounge on arrival in Dubai.

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Where and When to Find our ‘Your Big Trip’ Travel Talks

What is the one thing you need to know if you’re booking a round the world trip? How do you get a job after gaining a TEFL qualification? What’s they best way to travel across America? How long do you need to take part in a volunteering project?

When it comes to planning your own big trip, whatever that may be, there’s one thing that you’ll have in common with everyone else planning theirs – questions. And lots of them.

This month and next, our STA Travel stores will be open late to host our ‘Your Big Trip’ travel talks. A series of nights aimed at sharing advice, tips, important information and inspiring ideas you haven’t even considered, straight from the mouths of our own Travel Experts but also from some very knowledgeable and experienced special guests.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, you could win one of a whole heap of prizes, from bus passes to hotel nights, just for turning up! (Oh, and there’ll probably be a free beer or two too, as if you needed any more convincing).

If you’re planning on heading off on your own trip of a lifetime anytime soon, you can’t afford to miss it, and best of all – they’re totally free! Just make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible because places are filling up fast.

So, that’s the ‘why’s’ taken care of, here’s all the info on the ‘when’ and ‘where’s’.

Thousands of excited would be travellers take inspiration from out travel talks every year.

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High Five…East Africa!

Africa. It’s the place life on earth began, no other continents’ have a claim to fame quite as impressive as that, and today it remains one of the most fascinating and naturally diverse areas in the world.

It’s a place full of juxtapositions; expansive, dry deserts vs dense, vivacious jungles, and tiny, ancient villages vs modern metropolis’. It offers a wealth of diversity, and a trip here won’t fail to make an serious impression.

We’re so captivated by this remarkable continent that we’ve already given a massive high five to North Africa and to the continent’s wildlife, so this week it’s the Eastern shore’s turn to step into the spotlight, as we explore the 5 most incredible experiences to be had in East Africa.

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10 Furry Feel Good Factors that are Begging for a Cuddle

I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for a cute animal. I’m one of those people that will share a picture of a puppy or kitten on Facebook purely because it looks sweet.

Seeing a picture of a baby Labrador when I log on in the morning makes me smile, and provides a nice feeling to start the day – and that’s what’s inspired me to write this post.

Step away from the PC, here are some furry feel good factors you can actually experience for yourself around the world.

Walk between the trees and get up close and personal with the Orangutans in Borneo.

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