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Ask the Experts: First time in Africa

Our Travel Experts are a bit like superheroes, really. They swoop in, red capes flowing, and rescue you from your pit of travel confusion, answering your travel related questions and coming up with perfect solutions just for you.

OK, so we may be making up the red capes bit, but the rest is all true. Our Travel Experts are here every week to be your very own super heroes, so email us with your travel questions, and we’ll put them here on the Blog for our Experts to answer.

This week’s damsel in distress is Gina from Windsor. She wants to head to Africa, but isn’t sure where to start. Gina, tell us more:

I’ve never been to Africa, and want to head there for 2 weeks in December. My question is, which area should I concentrate on? North, south, east, west? Help, Experts! Gina in Windsor

Can our Experts show Gina the path to take? Read on, and find out why East Africa is our Expert Jessica’s favourite place in the world, how you can meet a Masai tribe, and where to find the best oysters in South Africa…

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Ask the Experts: Something different this Summer

Our Experts are back and raring to solve your travel quandaries! This week’s question is one that loads of you will be thinking about right now, and it involves the all important Summer Holiday. We’ll leave it to Blog reader Sophie to phrase it eloquently:

Me and a couple of friends want to go travelling this summer for around 2 -3 weeks. We don’t have any preferences on destination, but want something a little bit different and exciting. Any ideas? Sophie

A tall order for the Experts – sometimes the most general questions are the hardest to answer! But nothing’s phased them yet, and something tell us our Experts are going to try their damndest to give Sophie some great inspiration for her summer plans.

If you’ve got your undies in a twist over a travel related question, drop us an email, and our Experts will do their best to sort you out!

Experts – it’s over to you.

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High Five… Africa’s Wildlife!

If it’s wild animal spotting you’re after, you’re not going to get much better than the wildlife spotting in Africa. Lions, zebra, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, even gorillas, to name but a few, and all in their natural habitat. London Zoo, this ain’t.

If you can only visit Africa for a short time, no problem: choose a region and head to its wildlife hotspot! If you’re doing a bit of an epic trip, lucky you: wild animal spotting opportunities are around every corner.

So raise your hand and get ready to give Africa’s wildlife a massive HIGH FIVE! If you’ve been to Africa, share your own animal encounter in the comments thread below.

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Slap a Snap Gap in Your #YearofTravel!

As the Year of Travel rolls through the wilds of your imagination, it’s time to turn your attention to your own travel ambitions. And what better place to start than with an adventure that celebrates the very best of a region, with a good amount of time to sink your teeth into its culture?

Some call them Snap Gaps; some say Snap Years; others label them ‘mini gap years’; I simply prefer to call them by their proper name: a couple of months’ travelling.

Two months is enough time to unravel, and immerse yourself in the experience. It’s short enough, that with a little planning, you can slip it into a summer of seamless fun, or set off on a sabbatical of untold possibilities.

But where would you travel to? There are some fantastic destinations, that are conveniently located beside each other, and seemingly begging to be explored this year. I’ve rounded up some of my favouruite regions around the world, to give you a flavour of what you could achieve throughout your Year of Travel.
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