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Spend your Summer in the States!

What would you prefer: a blog post full of Americanisms (yeeeeeha!) or hard, fast, smart ways to spend an entire summer in the states?

Let’s turn a dollar note into a butterfly while we decide.

dollar butterfly (2)

How much is this worth? | Image by eikosi

OK, we’re going with the straight-up, all-American summer. A melee of amazing experiences to be had across the Pond.

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Around the world in 80 ways

A round the world trip is about experiences: the people you meet; the memories you make; and the stories you tell. And, usually, those things aren’t found at your final destination. They’re found on the road. Or on an elephant. Or on the roof of a bus. Or on an elephant on the roof of a bus.

Get going in a tuk tuk

There are heaps of ways to make your way around the world, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite. So grab your backpack, and leave your expectations at home. We’re going round the world in 80 ways.

Have an open mind

What you are about to witness are some alternative ideas for travelling round the world. Some are practical, some are a bit out there, and some are verging on the ridiculous. Let’s go!

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Ask the Experts: Interrailing Alternatives

It’s that time again! Our Experts are ready and waiting to answer your pressing travel questions. They’ve had some toughies lately, but they’ve risen to the challenge every time. Could this be the week that finally cracks them? Surely not…

Do you have a travel question that you just can’t get out of your mind? Let our Experts handle it!

This week’s question comes courtesy of Paul in Lincolnshire, who has a little query about whether interrailing is the only way to see the continent. Take it away, Paul:

I’m tempted by interrailing; but are there any other good value ways to travel around Europe? Paul in Lincolnshire

An excellent question, and one which many of our readers will be interested to know the answer to. Come on Experts, show us what you’ve got!

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Australia: What’s all the Bus About?

Today’s post explores the myriad differences between two of Australia’s best-loved ways to travel: the Greyhound and Oz Experience and is written by our resident Travel Expert, Lisa Richardson, from our STA Travel store in Victoria, London.

It should come as no surprise that Australia’s vibrant east coast, is the most popular stretch of adventure for travellers Down Under. With its exciting cities, show-stopping beaches and breathtaking coastline, it’s a route bursting with opportunity.

Open your mind to new experiences, along Australia's East Coast.

For that reason and more, it’s the perfect place to rest your wings, and skim the route by road, enjoying the scenery and the people that make up some of Australia’s most friendliest hangout.

Does that sound like your kind of thing? We’re about to explore two of the most popular ways to achieve the perfect blend .
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Ask the Experts: Is the Outback just a big desert?

It’s that time of the week again, when we wheel in the Travel Experts for one of the most popular slots on the STA Travel Blog; that’s right, it’s time to Ask the Experts!

This week’s question focuses on one of Australia’s most legend-laden regions; often mislabelled as one of the seven states, the Northern Territory lives up to its name, and remains a territory of the Commonwealth government.

Also home to one of the world’s most famous icons; some of the planet’s most diverse landscapes, including the World Heritage Kakadu National Park, and some of Australia’s richest running Aboriginal culture.

Before we crack on, remember, if you want to pose a question to the panel, it takes just 30 seconds to email the Travel Experts with your question, and you could see it featured, right here on the STA Travel Blog, in the near future!

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Outback, with a look at this week’s question from Millie in Peterborough:

I’ve seen a lot about Australia’s Northern Territory recently; I’ll be in Oz in September. Is two weeks enough time to explore? Is it all just one big desert — won’t I get bored? Millie in Peterborough

It’s little surprise Millie has been tempted by the NT; it’s long offered travellers to Australia some incredible and inspiring routes; through unmistakable scenery peppered with that famous, and authentic True Blue spirit.

That’s enough from me, let’s throw this open to this week’s Travel Experts, Sarah and Heather!

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