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Ask the Experts: What Should I Do on my Gap Year in Africa?

Iiiiiiiiiit’s Friday! And that means one thing here at STA Travel… It’s Ask the Experts time! This week Amy from STA Travel Vicar Lane steps up to take the spotlight once again, to answer one of your travel questions.

If you’d like Amy, or Claire to have a go at answering that travel question that’s been puzzling you for ages, get in touch and we’ll test them with it right here on the blog soon. But, back to this week and Anthony from Wigan is here with a question about his gap year in Africa, hit us with it Anthony…

I’m thinking of taking a gap year in 2014 and going to Africa but it’s such a big place and I have no idea where to start with planning. Could you advise on things I could do to make my year away special? Anthony, Wigan.

Yowza, that’s a doozy, but we’ve not found anything that’s stumped our Experts yet, I’m confident they’ll knock this one out of the park. Let’s see what ideas Amy has for you Anthony…

The African Serengeti.

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How much money will I need to travel in Australasia for three months?

Your auntie’s next door neighbour’s son spent £2000; your best mate’s older sister spent £5000; and the guy in the coffee shop said you’d only need £3000. So how much money do you need to travel Australia and New Zealand, for three months?

There’s never going to be a firm answer. Some people will eat more, drink less, give hitch-hiking a go, refuse to share a dorm, hire a campervan. Everyone will have their own — and very different — expectations of what they want from a trip to Australia and New Zealand, but we believe it’s possible to calculate a rough budget guide.

I’ve broken down the three months into eight weeks in Australia, including two weeks in a campervan, and four weeks in New Zealand. Remember, this is just a rough guide, and prices can (and do) fluctuate though they were correct at the time of printing. If you have some information on the cost of travel in this region, add to the conversation via the comment thread below this post.

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Ask the Experts: How should I spend two months travelling around Asia on a budget of £6000 for two people?

This week, we have a curious and very valid question on the best way to spend two months travelling around glorious Asia…

My boyfriend and I have booked flights to Hong Kong, where we plan on being based whilst we travel around Asia for two months. We have a budget of about £6000 pounds between the two of us – where can you recommend going, and how exactly should we to do it? Jennifer

We get asked a LOT of questions like this, so we know the Expert advice on offer will fall on many keen ears…

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Ask the Experts: Where to Volunteer in Africa?

It’s question time again! No, not that boring show on BBC One with all the miserable people in suits – we’re talking about something much more interesting – travel!

This is the blog series where one of you, the STA Travel Blog readers, challenge our clued up Travel Experts to answer that question that has had you scratching your head for ages!

This week, Amy is here to suss out some super volunteer projects for a student at her school, sounds interesting. What’s your question Amy?

I am a career advisor at a school in Melksham and one of our current year 12’s is looking at taking a gap year. She hopes to go for the full year in Africa looking at areas of conservation and community projects. I have begun to do a little research for her but I wanted to know if you had any longer term projects available or if you could recommend any? Alternatively would there be any other possible projects that she could be involved in as well as in Africa to give her a chance to see other parts of the world? Amy, Wiltshire

Well Amy, we’ve got lots of love for volunteering projects here at STA Travel and offer a huge selection of opportunities for you to make a difference and travel at the same time – take a look at our Volunteer and Learn brochure for the full set of options. But before that, let’s see which particular projects our Expert Amy suggest for your student…

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14 Reasons to Visit Fiji Before You Die (Of Jealousy)

In 2011, I set off on an epic round the world trip that would take me through Egypt, Nepal, India, South East Asia, New Zealand, the USA and, most excitingly for me, Fiji.

Having worked at STA Travel for 2 and a half years before I decided to take a 6 month sabbatical, I was very aware of my options when it came to my own round the world trip and I had been inspired to include a 10 day stop in Fiji from the very beginning of the planning stage.

Constantly writing about the beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, and laid back vibe made me desperate to experience it for myself – I wanted to be as far away from London as I could – both geographically and metaphorically. So, Fiji was catapulted straight to the top of my sabbatical ‘hit list’ and I built the rest of my trip around my time there.

I’m a bit of a ‘doer’ at heart, so I was a little worried that 10 days might be too much if all I was going to be doing was sitting around on the beach all day (however stunning that beach may be). But I needn’t have worried, after 10 days, when the time came to head off to LA, I wasn’t ready to go! I wanted to stay longer and continue with the things I hadn’t had time to do yet!

Fiji’s a pretty incredible place, and while I have this blog at my disposal, I’m going to spend 5 minutes telling you why I loved Fiji – and why I think you have to have to go. So don’t be jealous – just be on your way…

Not a bad way to soothe my hangover on Fiji party island Beachcomber

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