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Ask the Experts: How Can my Gap Year Benefit my CV?

It’s time for the weekly blog post that sees one of our well travelled and super knowledgeable Travel Experts attempt to answer a question sent in from one of our blog readers.

This week, after the departure of Amy, we’re welcoming the lovely Lucy from our Leeds Vicar Lane store into the hot seat. So, what will Lucy be faced with on her first week as an Expert on the blog? Let’s find out… This week’s question comes from Laurie in Edinburgh.

Hi I’m thinking of taking a year out after I finish uni next year but have no idea what I should do. I want to travel, but also maybe do something that will look good on my CV or look attractive to employers when I get home. Any ideas? Thanks, Laurie, Edinburgh.

Fear not Laurie, Lucy’s here and she’s armed with an (almost) super human amount of travel knowledge to help you with your plans. let’s see what she suggests…

Teaching abroad in SouthEast Asia and China is an incredible adventure - and looks fantastic on your CV!

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How much money will I need to travel in Australasia for three months?

Your auntie’s next door neighbour’s son spent £2000; your best mate’s older sister spent £5000; and the guy in the coffee shop said you’d only need £3000. So how much money do you need to travel Australia and New Zealand, for three months?

There’s never going to be a firm answer. Some people will eat more, drink less, give hitch-hiking a go, refuse to share a dorm, hire a campervan. Everyone will have their own — and very different — expectations of what they want from a trip to Australia and New Zealand, but we believe it’s possible to calculate a rough budget guide.

I’ve broken down the three months into eight weeks in Australia, including two weeks in a campervan, and four weeks in New Zealand. Remember, this is just a rough guide, and prices can (and do) fluctuate though they were correct at the time of printing. If you have some information on the cost of travel in this region, add to the conversation via the comment thread below this post.

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Ask the Experts: What’s the Best Route for Interrailing Through Europe?

Ever wondered how to Interrail through Europe? Yeah, so has Adam from Milton Keynes about to embark on his highly anticipated summer holiday. Here’s what he had to ask:

Hi, I’m thinking of taking a trip through Europe on the Interrail this summer in my break from uni, could you suggest a route that you think would be good? I will have about 4 weeks in total. Adam, Milton Keynes.

Fantastic question, so what do our Experts think? Let’s find out…

Explore Berlin

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Ask the Experts: How Can I Make the Most of a Trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway?

It’s one of the biggest and best overland journeys out there, and this week our experts are tackling a question about how to make a trip aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway as memorable as it possibly can be.

Our Travel Experts are over flowing with travel knowleadge, tips and advice, so why not test them with a question of your own? All you need to do is drop us an email with your question, along with your name and where you’re from, and we’ll put it to them to be answered right here on the blog.

This weeks question comes from Siobhan from Belfast, take it away Siobhan!

I’m planning on taking the Tran-Siberian Railway this September but there are a few different routes to choose from. Please could you tell me which you would suggest is best, how long I should set aside to do it and what I shouldn’t miss out along the way? Siobhan, Belfast

Oooooh that’s a juicy one! Let’s see what advice Amy has for you…

Do something a little different and stay at a traditional ger camp

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Where and When to Find our ‘Your Big Trip’ Travel Talks

What is the one thing you need to know if you’re booking a round the world trip? How do you get a job after gaining a TEFL qualification? What’s they best way to travel across America? How long do you need to take part in a volunteering project?

When it comes to planning your own big trip, whatever that may be, there’s one thing that you’ll have in common with everyone else planning theirs – questions. And lots of them.

This month and next, our STA Travel stores will be open late to host our ‘Your Big Trip’ travel talks. A series of nights aimed at sharing advice, tips, important information and inspiring ideas you haven’t even considered, straight from the mouths of our own Travel Experts but also from some very knowledgeable and experienced special guests.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, you could win one of a whole heap of prizes, from bus passes to hotel nights, just for turning up! (Oh, and there’ll probably be a free beer or two too, as if you needed any more convincing).

If you’re planning on heading off on your own trip of a lifetime anytime soon, you can’t afford to miss it, and best of all – they’re totally free! Just make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible because places are filling up fast.

So, that’s the ‘why’s’ taken care of, here’s all the info on the ‘when’ and ‘where’s’.

Thousands of excited would be travellers take inspiration from out travel talks every year.

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