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Road Trip Australia: Western Australia’s Six Pack!

You’re about to journey along leg three of our ultimate Aussie road trip, through the country’s largest state, and one whose popularity is soaring year on year: that’s right, you guessed it, today we’re travelling through Western Australia.

Facing up to the Indian Ocean’s incredible allure, and backed up by formidable outback landscapes, and thick, lush, green forests of the temperate southwest; Western Australia is revered for its natural beauty, its unique cultures, and its access to some of the world’s most interesting and diverse wildlife.

There’s nowhere on earth quite like it! And don’t forget, we’re offering you the chance to win a working holiday in Western Australia, including return flights, a 12-month visa, and a paid job at an award-winning brewery!

But first, let’s get the engine warmed up, by continuing the journey over the border from South Australia, to the breathtaking sights of its mighty neighbour, Western Australia.

Buckle up, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

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#RTW: The Classic

Sometimes, the best things in life are the most simple things. A margarita pizza, oozing with fresh, melting, mozzarella. Lying in a park on a hot summer day. The feeling of fresh, clean bed sheets.

Yep, I reckon some of life’s most simple pleasures are often better than the things with lots of bells and whistles. Which is why you should take a good, hard look at our most simple round the world route, entitled, quite appropriately, The Classic.

London. Bangkok. Sydney. Los Angeles. 4 stops, 4 iconic cities, and 4 classic stops on a round the world trip. We’ve kept it simple, because it doesn’t need to be any more complicated. These destinations are your launching pads for an epic round the world trip that you can customise and truly make your own.

How? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve. But before we reveal them, let’s give you a sneak preview. Travel The Classic on the Tripline below, and see for yourself how simple can sometimes be better.

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Spend your Summer in the States!

What would you prefer: a blog post full of Americanisms (yeeeeeha!) or hard, fast, smart ways to spend an entire summer in the states?

Let’s turn a dollar note into a butterfly while we decide.

dollar butterfly (2)

How much is this worth? | Image by eikosi

OK, we’re going with the straight-up, all-American summer. A melee of amazing experiences to be had across the Pond.

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High Five… epic overland trips in North America!

Recently, I started thinking about what makes a great overland trip. There’s gotta be vast roads. Beautiful scenery. And a diversity that makes the long journeys worthwhile.

The USA and Canada have all this, and then some. In fact, I can’t think of anywhere better to have road trip adventure. Not only are there masses of amazing overland tours, North America is also a great place to hire a car and do things your own way.

So join me in raising your hand, and giving a massive High Five to the home of the high five. Overland trips in North America – we salute you.

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Road Trip Australia: The Best Stops in Victoria

As road trips go, there are few better destinations to fuel up on unforgettable experiences than one of the world’s most diverse destinations: Australia.

If you had Austown down as all about koalas and surf, you need to slam your foot on the brakes.

Starting today, we’re taking the scenic route through each of Australia’s seven states and territories. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing a six pack of seductive ideas, to help you mix up an almighty, uncompromising series of adventures of your own.

First up, we’re firing up the motors in Victoria; Australia’s second-smallest state, which still manages to make up an area roughly the same size as the British Isles. It’s steeped in fun, high on adventure, and aching to be explored. What are you waiting for?
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