By Hannah Jeffery

Why festival tours are the best tours

Collaborating with the music-mad crew at Beats Travel, STA Travel Beats are unique small group tours that revolve wholeheartedly around music, festivals and culture.

North America
By Georgina Birch

3 ultimate road trips in Canada

We’ve hand-picked 3 of the best Canadian road trips out there, with beaches, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls for you to take your pick from!

By Rachael Porter

Work, travel and play in the Northern Territory

What does the Northern Territory offer adventurous backpackers as a working holiday destination? How about year-round sunshine, stunning national parks and fun jobs?

By Laura Caveney

Tips for getting a Japan Working Holiday Visa

Packing your life up and heading for ventures new can be a pretty daunting task. But fear not, consider us your cool, in-the-know older sib…

By Sam Hopkins

Nama-Stays – The 6 best yoga retreats for backpackers

Here’s our pick of yoga retreats around the world to get some well-deserved TLC

By Georgina Birch

West is best! Why you should work abroad in Western Australia

We caught up with travel addicts Lucy, Josh and Alex after they took on the ultimate working holiday in Western Australia…

Latin America
By Guest Blogger

Travel Crush: 10 Reasons to live the Argentinian dream

Travel photographer, Luke Clark’s 10 reasons to go on an Argentinian adventure

By Lisa Crowther

10 tips for Interrailing around Europe

InterRailling Europe is an amazing adventure and the perfect trip for first time travellers or those who want to soak up the great mix of culture and history in superbly diverse Europe. We’ve come up with our top 10 tips to get the most from your InterRail Trip.

By Georgina Birch

How to get fit, healthy AND explore the world in 2018

You’ve smashed your January health kick, you’re losing that running motivation or you’re keen to get fit but the thought of the gym gives you…

By Laura Caveney

Drum roll… win a trip to Queensland!

Long sandy beaches, top surfing spots and over 300 days of sunshine, the Gold Coast is surely any beach worshipper’s dream destination. In April 2018,…