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High Five… Local Living Experiences!

Tours are great. Personally I love them. You get to see all the best bits of a country or region while someone else take care of all the bits, such as transport and accommodation, which usually end up distracting you from the real reason you came – to explore and experience.

But sometimes, time can move a little too fast on a tour, it can feel like you’ve only just arrived when it’s already time to go, meaning it’s not really the perfect way of getting ‘under the skin’ of the place you’re visiting.

This is the very reason we’re introducing our new form of adventure tour; local living experiences. A perfect combination of the local knowledge and support provided by a tour, along with the ultimate freedom of really getting to know an area of the world in your own way, in your own time.

It’s the fast track way of living like a local; for those who don’t have time to live like a local.

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It’s 357 Days Until Christmas! What Are You Going To Do With Your Year?

Yes, yes, I know; the Christmas hangover hasn’t even worn off from last year yet, but it’s not too early to think about what you want to achieve in the next year – in fact I’d say there’s no better time.

The hope, enthusiasm and motivation provided by the dawn of a New Year makes it the perfect time to set those goals that will enhance and improve your life, and even if you’re already very happy with your lot – there’s always room for improvement no?

Improvements that are kind of like new years resolutions, but are a whole lot easier to keep – because they’re actually fun! Forget the usual ‘lose weight’ and ‘stop getting angry with people on public transport’ promises that are usually made, and if you’re anything like me, broken within the first 5 days, and think of things that will actually help to fulfil and benefit you; now that’s a resolution worth keeping right?

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Store Managers Review: Top Travel Trends Of 2012

They’re the driving force behind STA Travel, leading our UK team of experts from the front, to make sure you get the best service possible. They’re passionate about what they do, and no one knows more about travelling the world than them (except maybe David Attenborough).

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to share their thoughts about the past year in travel with you. I’ve gone to 16 of our store managers from around the UK and asked them to give me a brief and general insight of a travel trend they have noticed in 2012.

Have a read, digest it, and have a think about what these insights could mean to you as a traveller, or potential traveller. Has this inside knowledge made you think about making any amendments your own travel plans? Maybe they’ve managed to make you even more excited than you were already?

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Happy 1st Birthday To The Blog! Here are our best bits…

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to the amazingly, awesome, STA Travel Blo-og! Haaaaaappy birthday to us!

Yep that’s right, incase you didn’t quite catch on already; this month marks the 1st birthday of the STA Travel Blog; and what a year it’s been.

Myself, Ant and Emma love all things travel, and we love to write about travelling, but we have not done it by ourselves, not buy a long shot.

We’re lucky enough to have struck travel blog gold in the form of our knowledgeable Travel Experts. Between them there’s barely an area of the globe that hasn’t been explored and we’ve rinsed them for their best, most inspirational, stories, tips and advice to share with you in the hope that they might help to enrich your own experiences.

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Ask the Experts: Can I learn Spanish on my travels?

Looking for ways to make all your travel hopes and dreams come true? You’ve come to the right place!

Every week, a panel of our favourite Travel Experts (sssh, don’t tell the rest of them that we have favourites) put time aside in their busy, travel-planning-filled days to answer one of your burning travel questions.

Noel Edmunds doesn’t own the dream factory; we do. Oh yeah. Want to be a part of the mechanism that makes the factory cogs whirl? Email us with your very own question for the Experts, then! You’ll see the answer to your question right here on the blog.

So, who’s this week’s traveller in distress? It’s Dan from Leeds! Dan from Leeds, tell us everything that’s bothering you (try to keep it travel related though, yeah?):

I’m interested in learning Spanish on my next holiday. Where’s the best city to go to learn? Dan in Leeds

Do you know what I’ve always loved about Dan from Leeds? He gets straight to the point; no messing around for him. He wants Spanish lessons, in a Spanish speaking country, and he wants them now! Can our Experts help him out? I reckon so!

Read on, and find out where to go to learn Spanish, stay with local families, and eat guinea pig, all at the same time…

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