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7 Amazing Volunteer Projects That Cost Less Than £500

Volunteering is an fantastic and hugely worthwhile way to spend your time while travelling the world. Whether you can only get away for a week or two, have longer to spare, or want to include a volunteer stop within a wider trip there are a huge amount of options to consider that will each make a huge difference to the communities they benefit.

If you want to do something a little different and add an extra dimension to your travel experience, consider a volunteering project. Here are some of our favourites for under £500 each.

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7 Ways to Choose the Right Volunteer Project For You

Volunteering abroad is one of the most rewarding and inspiring ways to travel. It adds another, deeper, layer to your experience and provides you with incredible memories, as well as the chance to give something back as you travel the world.

While there maybe a huge amount your presence and support can provide to others, there’s also a lot you can gain from the experience, so choose your project wisely.

Here are 7 things to consider when deciding to volunteer, and questions to ask yourself when deciding which project would be right for you.

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How your Gap Year Could End Up Costing you Nothing!

The term gap year means many things, to many people. For some, it’s a mammoth year long adventure across continents, for others it’s a two month sabbatical to try something a little different; volunteer, learn a language, live it up, and step away from everything that’s ‘ordinary’.

Whatever it means to you, you can at least be sure that it will be exciting, rewarding and more than anything, fun. This is your opportunity to take that big leap towards a greater independence, to let loose, to travel the world and to generally live the dream, so grab it with both hands.

It’s no secret that this kind of experience costs’, but use your time away wisely and your trip could also prove to be rather lucrative…

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High Five… Galapagos Islands!

Resting in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, these 19 volcanic islands have been inspiring travellers with their natural wonders for hundreds of years. Charles Darwin famously rocked up here during his voyage on the Beagle and the observations he made went a long towards proving his theory of natural selection.

Despite the popular image of the islands as essentially an ecological theme park containing little more than lizards and strangely named birds, the Galapagos boasts several towns (the largest, Puerto Ayora, has a population of around 18,000) which have built up around the tourist industry. Outside of these however, most of the islands are still preserved at their wild best, with fearless animals and stunning landscapes.

We’ve already told you All You’ll Ever Need to Know About Travelling the Galapagos Islands but now we’re giving you our pick of the top 5 experiences too!

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21 Gap Year Essentials

If you’ve ever considered taking a gap year, or if yours is creeping up over the horizon anytime now, it’s exciting to think that in no time at all, life as you know it could be turned upside down – in the most exciting and memorable way possible.

But, as you prepare to leave ‘ordinary’ behind to embark on one of life’s most amazing adventures, there’s just time to make sure you have the essentials you need to make your gap trip everything you ever hoped it would be.

Let’s face it, the list could go on forever depending on where you’re going, what you’re doing and how long you’re staying, so this list of essentials is exactly that – essentials. Go through it, tick off the things that are relevant to you, and sit back and enjoy the ride that’s coming your way.

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