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18 Iconic Experiences that you Absolutely Must Try in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most, if not the most exciting places in the world to travel. Yes, it has a huge array of stunning beaches, beautiful colonial architecture, and astonishing bio diversity, but its trump card, the thing that makes it stand out from everywhere else, is the vivacious energy that pulsates through every street.

As you might expect from a country of its size, there’s a huge amount to see and do, so we’re counting down 18 of its most spectacular sights and experiences, some of which you’ve probably heard of, and some you may not.

So if you’re desperate for a travel experience that will make you’re head spin and your heart dance, look no further than wonderful Brazil.

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Ask the Experts: How Can my Gap Year Benefit my CV?

It’s time for the weekly blog post that sees one of our well travelled and super knowledgeable Travel Experts attempt to answer a question sent in from one of our blog readers.

This week, after the departure of Amy, we’re welcoming the lovely Lucy from our Leeds Vicar Lane store into the hot seat. So, what will Lucy be faced with on her first week as an Expert on the blog? Let’s find out… This week’s question comes from Laurie in Edinburgh.

Hi I’m thinking of taking a year out after I finish uni next year but have no idea what I should do. I want to travel, but also maybe do something that will look good on my CV or look attractive to employers when I get home. Any ideas? Thanks, Laurie, Edinburgh.

Fear not Laurie, Lucy’s here and she’s armed with an (almost) super human amount of travel knowledge to help you with your plans. let’s see what she suggests…

Teaching abroad in SouthEast Asia and China is an incredible adventure - and looks fantastic on your CV!

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Ask the Experts: Can you Help me Plan my Trip to China?

Why hellooooo there, and welcome to another weekly Ask the Experts instalment, this is the blog series where we invite you to ask our Travel Experts any, travel related, question you like.

Unfortunately for us, it’s Amy’s last week here at STA Travel, and therefore as an Expert on our Ask the Experts series (sob!) but before she flies off to teach children in Vietnam, she’s here, along with Ask the Experts veteran Claire, to help blog reader Marcus with his China travel dilemma. What’s up Marcus?

I’ve always been interested in travelling to China, it seems like a really interesting place to visit, but it’s so vast! Which part should I visit and how do you suggest I can make the most of my time there? Marcus, Chelmsford.

China is absolutely one heck of a travel adventure. There’s so much you could do, but what do our two Experts suggest you should do? Let’s find out…

Visit a panda breeding centre to get up close to these amazing animals.

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Ask the Experts: How Can I Combine my Love of Football and Travel?

Another Friday means another opportunity to ask our Travel Experts your burning travel questions. If you want to put your own question to Claire or Amy, send them an email now and they’ll answer for you right here on the blog soon.

But, for now, it’s back to this week and a question sent in from Danny in Cardiff, go for it Danny…

I’m a massive football fan, any trips you can recommend where I can incorporate sport and travel? Danny, Cardiff

Great question! There are a number of ways in which you can combine travel and sport, so let’s see what Claire suggests for you…

Cape Town is beautiful and the perfect place to combine travel and sport.

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Ask the Experts: What Should I Do on my Gap Year in Africa?

Iiiiiiiiiit’s Friday! And that means one thing here at STA Travel… It’s Ask the Experts time! This week Amy from STA Travel Vicar Lane steps up to take the spotlight once again, to answer one of your travel questions.

If you’d like Amy, or Claire to have a go at answering that travel question that’s been puzzling you for ages, get in touch and we’ll test them with it right here on the blog soon. But, back to this week and Anthony from Wigan is here with a question about his gap year in Africa, hit us with it Anthony…

I’m thinking of taking a gap year in 2014 and going to Africa but it’s such a big place and I have no idea where to start with planning. Could you advise on things I could do to make my year away special? Anthony, Wigan.

Yowza, that’s a doozy, but we’ve not found anything that’s stumped our Experts yet, I’m confident they’ll knock this one out of the park. Let’s see what ideas Amy has for you Anthony…

The African Serengeti.

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