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Road Trip Australia: The Best Stops in South Australia

In part two of our epic Road Trip Australia series, we cross the border from Victoria, into the breathtaking arenas of South Australia.

One of Australia’s most refined states, this is where gourmet lovers come to wine and dine in the lingering sunshine that melts onto the soft mountain ranges, awesome outback, and dramatic coastline.

However, it’s not all stuffed olives and sparkling wine, this is a state with a true wild side, where some of Australia’s most active wildlife comes to play amongst the meadows, and dramatic seascapes of the Southern Ocean.

As a road trip destination, South Australia has an incredible number of offerings, so join us now, as we cruise through the state in search of six of South Australia’s most prized destinations.

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High Five… Darwin!

After years spent in the shadow of its east coast neighbours, Darwin has decided now is the time to make itself heard.

The capital of the Northern Territory is the least populated of all of Australia’s capitals, but that’s all part of its charm. You feel as though you’re a part of something, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon.

The city itself is a multicultural metropolis, boasting nationalities from over 56 countries, while some of Australia’s most breathtaking landmarks and scenery are practically on your doorstep.

darwin australia

 Darwin: home to some breathtaking scenery| Image by mark silva

Darwin, you’ve been overlooked for too long. We’re giving you a big, fat High Five!
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High Five… Working Holidays in North America!

Taking a working holiday is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Where better to have that experience than in North America? The USA and Canada have something for everyone, whether you’re an outdoors-person, a good-with-children-person, a creative-person, or a not-really-sure-just-yet-kinda-person.

And, at the end of your working holiday, you get to travel around two of the most exciting countries in the world.

With that in mind, this week we’re giving a massive High Five to working holidays in North America! Read on to find out how to land your dream job across the pond.
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Slap a Snap Gap in Your #YearofTravel!

As the Year of Travel rolls through the wilds of your imagination, it’s time to turn your attention to your own travel ambitions. And what better place to start than with an adventure that celebrates the very best of a region, with a good amount of time to sink your teeth into its culture?

Some call them Snap Gaps; some say Snap Years; others label them ‘mini gap years’; I simply prefer to call them by their proper name: a couple of months’ travelling.

Two months is enough time to unravel, and immerse yourself in the experience. It’s short enough, that with a little planning, you can slip it into a summer of seamless fun, or set off on a sabbatical of untold possibilities.

But where would you travel to? There are some fantastic destinations, that are conveniently located beside each other, and seemingly begging to be explored this year. I’ve rounded up some of my favouruite regions around the world, to give you a flavour of what you could achieve throughout your Year of Travel.
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11 Pointers for Planning your Gap Year

Gap years are the talk of the town, and they’re set to sky rocket this year as young people leave school to face one of the bleakest job markets in recent times, and the reality of rising university fees begins to bite.

We’re estimating around 3 million young Brits will be jetting off to reap the benefits of a gap year this year; using this unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and build their profile for the years of careers ahead.

But what level of thought needs to go into a gap year? Surely you just pack a bag full of fading threads, and hit the circuits for a loop around the world’s most hedonistic islands, clutching a brightly coloured bucket?

Well. You could. Or, you could build those party times into one of the most exhilarating journeys of your life; splicing mystifying cultures with monumental achievements.

Eiffel Tower

Gap years offer the perfect time for your brain to breathe! | Photo by freedomyears in the STA Travel Flickr Group

Gap years are amazing and, planned in the right way, can reap rewards for the decades ahead. It should go without saying, that we know a thing or two about gap years, so we’ve taken the time to get your brain in gear for planning your gap year, by producing this list of eleven points to consider as soon as your feet begin to itch with wanderlust.
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