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Feel the chill and meet the locals

Brrrr is it cold in here or is that just me? Things are about to get chilly as we take you on a trip to the North and South Pole. An adventure to the Arctic or Antarctica will stay with you for a lifetime. Both landscapes are truly breath-taking and like nowhere else on the planet. In these climates you never know what will happen; one day you could be trekking past penguins and the next catching a glimpse of polar bears hunting.Join the MS Expedition and give David Attenborough a run for his money!

Wrap up warm and get ready to feel the chill…

Love at first sight

Image: G Adventures

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KYKO – STA Travel Sounds artist of the month

The music scene in London just keeps better! The capital is heaving with so many exciting young artists, KYKO included. South London-born and raised Verrill, a multi-instrumentalist with a feverish passion for experimenting, has been crafting noise since reaching his teens. Raised in a household rife with the sounds of Paul Simon and British bands like The Jam, Verrill strives to combine his musical background with his passion for modern pop music and it’s ever-evolving form.

When we first heard KYKO’s music we loved his sound so much that we invited him to play at the STA Travel Sounds stage at this years Bestival festival.

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Meet the youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries…

He’s ‘officially amazing’ and it all started when he booked his first backpacker adventure with STA Travel to South East Asia 8 years ago, from there he caught the travel bug and was inspired to visit all 196 countries! His name is James Asquith and he is officially the youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries. At 24 years and 192 days old he arrived at his final country the Federated States of Micronesia, on 8 July 2013.

Let’s find out more about James Asquith’s incredible story…

San Diego

Image: San Diego

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See what Freedi is experiencing #JustAnotherDayInWA

Got that Friday Feeling? Get a different perspective of Western Australia through the eyes of Freedi, a fabulous blogger who has been documenting her trip through the West Coast, sharing her top spots and hidden gems. We were going to keep them to ourselves, but decided not to be mean today, so discover places you didn’t know were on your bucket list! For Freedi, it’s #JustAnotherDayInWA

Ich kann es kaum fassen, so unglaublich aufgeregt bin ich, aber gleich ist es soweit! Tobi mein allerbester @outdoor_travel_blogger der Welt und ich dürfen gemeinsam mit @statravel_aufdeutsch und @westernaustralia nach Australien düsen! Ist das nicht der Wahnsinn! Ich bin so unendlich dankbar wieder ein neues, aufregendes Stückchen von dieser fantastisch schönen Welt erkunden und darüber berichten zu dürfen. Unter den Hashtags #StartTheAdventure und #JustAnotherDayinWA werdet ihr alle unsere kommenden Bilder, Videos und News finden! Soo cool! Ich würde also sagen, hoch die Rucksäcke und los geht die Reise! Und wenn ihr Tipps oder Fragen rund um @statravel oder #westernaustralia habt, immer gerne her damit, wir nehmen alles mit auf und werden uns auch gerne in unserer neuen Blogkategorie #HOWtoOUTDOOR damit befassen! Und was mich noch interessieren würde, hättet ihr Lust auch bei den #instastories was zu erspähen und soll ich dann eher was zeigen, oder auch erklären? YouTube wird auf alle Fälle glühen, also haltet auch dort schon mal Ausschau nach uns Ohh, nun muss ich aber, sonst düst der Flieger noch ohne mich ab! Ich wünsche euch einen tollen Start in die Woche und freue mich auf eure Anregungen, Wünsche und Ideen Drücker mit ganz viel Herzklopfen eure Freedi #travel #travelblogger #travelblogger_de #fjallraven #backpacking #backpack #airport #adventure #dachstein #travel #traveling #TagsForLikes #TFLers #vacation #visiting #instatravel #instago #instagood #trip #holiday #photooftheday #fun #travelling #tourism #tourist

A photo posted by Friederike Franze & Team (@freiseindesign_lifestyle_blog) on

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Round the World – Rio

With the year coming to a close, you might be thinking New Year, new you. Or perhaps, more likely, new year, new adventures to embark on! Whether you’re wanting to tick off your ever-increasing bucket list, visit friends and family, or are just plain nosy and want to know where we would go on the ultimate ‘Big Trip’.

We thought travel inspo couldn’t get much better than this, but we’ve been experimenting with a UK tech start up, who are dividing the WHOLE word into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, and assigning each square a unique 3 word address.

Flinders Street Station? We think you mean decide.chair.tribe. We’ll see you outside the London Eye.

A picture tells 47,727 miles of stories. A film highlights it in 120 seconds. We sum in up in three words…

Next stop, ‘clever.fairy.gained.’ It’s time to let the video do the talking…

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