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What do Friday’s and great travel pictures have in common?
They both provide great memories, excitement and gooooood times!
This Friday, we thought we’d satisfy your eyes by sharing your amazing #starttheadventure pictures from all around the world. We’ve got wonderful waterfalls, remarkable ruins, stunning stars and more… ENJOY!


Scotland, United Kingdom

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Exploring Chicago’s architectural wonders for free

During the Great Fire of 1971, over 18,000 buildings were set on fire in Chicago – sparking an architectural revolution in the bellies of young, ambitious designers. Spawning the very first skyscraper’s amidst the city’s new blank landscape, downtown Chicago is now known for innovation and creativity in architecture – and we would highly recommend taking a day to discover the this living architectural museum by foot. You won’t be disappointed! C’mon, just take a look at some of these marvels…

1. Sears/Willis Tower

Chicago’s tallest skyscraper, views are better from the Signature Tower though!

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5 MASSIVE reasons to head to Sydney for Christmas & New Year’s

Did you blink? Unfortunately in that time you may have missed the mysterious phenomena known as the ‘British Summer!’ Yes, we are grateful for the few glorious days we received here and there… but we’re still not convinced we got our monies worth on the giant paddling pool we purchased from Argos on that hungover Sunday!
SO, basically… we demand more sun. Avoid the dark British winter for a sun-fueled trip that also includes the BEST Christmas and New Year’s EVER! There’s only one place that will didgeridoo the trick… Sydney, Australia! See why below…

1. New Years Eve fireworks

Sydney’s fireworks are world famous for a reason… because they are quite simply BREATH-TACULAR-ZING! (We admit, that is not an actual word, but it’s hard to describe how breath-taking, spectacular and amazing they really are!)
Last year, $7 million was spent on the dazzling display and Sydney welcomed 1.5million spectators to the amazing Harbour city.
New Year’s admittedly brings out our soppy side… and with the added effect of watching the best fireworks in the world whizzing over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it’s pretty hard not to well up and send a cheesy ‘I wish you were here, love you so much’ text to all your friends and family back home! For those that can’t pace themselves and handle the goon, luckily there is a 9pm display, which is a tasty starter before the ginormous main meal! It really is an experience that you’ll never forget.

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A Parisian Foodie Agenda

The number one rule for a true Parisian is to know exactly where to find the perfect rendezvous spot. Paris’ dining culture is world renowned from the chic to the more simplistic. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most classic spots in the city to take your cherie.

So take note of this delicieux foodie agenda and get ready for the ultimate rendezvous…




Just a few minutes away from the Rue de Rennes and Gare Montparnasse, L’Atelier is a classic Parisian hangout. Open 24hours, you can grab a bite to eat any time of day! Whether you’re coming back from a night out or starting your day, head to L’Atelier for a delicious traditional French brunch. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, fresh juice, scrambled eggs with bacon or salmon on its beautiful terrace. When you’re finished, head towards the Jardin du Luxembourg to walk off some of those croissants!
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#FeatureFriday of YOUR Instagram snaps!

It’s Friday. That means no work for two days. Lush. So what are you gonna do with two whole days off? No idea? Well stop working (it is Friday) and start planning. Let’s get inspired! These gorgeous travel snaps are taken from your photos using #starttheadventure…

Warning: Wanderlust inevitable.


Santorini Greece
Oia, Santorini, Greece

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