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Just arrived in Bangkok? Here’s what to do to get you moving…

This week’s blog comes from our Thailand Adventure competition winner Mia, she’s an Exeter University graduate and a keen travel blogger! With a serious travel bug from her time in Australia and a hunger for new adventures, we thought Mia would like to delve into the wonderful world of Thailand and blog all about it.

So her she is to tell us all about her time in Thailand, let’s start with the buzzing capital Bangkok…

Our time in Bangkok went by in a blur of sights and sounds; the ding of street vendors on the move, the growls of the tuk tuks and the sizzling of noodles.

When you first step out in Bangkok it can be a pretty overwhelming place, but if you give it the time of day you’ll meet some awesome people and have equally great experiences. Here are my top five things to do to get you through your first few days:

1. Temples

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10 must try cafés and bars in Thailand!

Check out this Top 10 hit-list of cafes and bars in Thailand from our Thailand Adventure competition winner Mia. Trust us she knows where all the tasty hotspots are hidden!

1. Bangrak Café – Bangkok

Bangrak Cafe


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7 reasons NOT to go to New Zealand on your Gap Year!

If you’re thinking about having a Gap Year in New Zealand, you may want to stop and consider a few things before you make any rash decisions. Sky-diving, eating delicious burgers, soaking up views of sheer beauty, meeting nice people, visiting movie sets can have serious effects on your wellbeing. EXTREMELY serious.

So here are a few reasons why you might* want to reconsider New Zealand for your Gap Year…

*might = keyword here.

1.Your life back home will seem a little bit boring

Franz Josef  Glacier
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STA Travel takes on Bestival

This is the second year that STA Travel will be taking on Bestival and we literally cannot wait! But unfortunately like everyone else, we’re just gonna have to. After the success of last year, we are promising to comeback BIGGER and BETTER than ever before.

So here’s what we’ve got in store for you beautiful festival goers…

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Drum roll…Win a trip to Bestival!

Drum roll please. This is STA Travel’s competition of the summer, if not of the whole YEAR so get involved. Nothing to lose and SO much to gain. You have heard of Bestival right? The boutique Isle of Wight music festival that everyone is talking about. Well, we are giving away 3 unique and ridiculously braggable experiences at Bestival 2016. You and 3 mates could be heading to the festival by train, campervan or PRIVATE PLANE – if that’s not enough we have your accommodation sorted (no struggling with tent polls for you), entry to the welcome party BBQ at the STA Travel Hostel plus breakfast every morning to line your stomachs and energise your dancing shoes for the day ahead. Sound good? See the options below!

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