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High Five… Mardi Gras Parties!

Mardi Gras translates (very literally in our case) as fat Tuesday. A day routed in a time when all thoughts of dietary restraint are cast aside and you’re culturally compelled to dine on anything fat. Traditionally this was to use up eggs, milk and butter before the long cold days of lent ahead where you were expected to restrain from, basically, anything fun.

This year, whether you’ve decided to give up chocolate, cheese, bread or just give up on giving up, check out these top celebrations of Fat Tuesday around the world… and the pancake toppings to take you there.

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Shakedown, New York

New York is the best city on the planet. There. I said it. Having spent 2 years living, breathing and eating (mainly eating) my way round New York City, here are my top tips on how to get the most out of your time in the city that never sleeps.

Weather and When to Visit

The key learning to take from the weather around the New York metropolitan area (and in fact the entirety of the North Eastern USA) is no half measures. When it’s cold, it’s really cold, I’m talking, minus-20-the-air-is-hurting-my-face cold. And when it’s hot and humid, New York takes ‘sweaty mess’ to a whole new level, and that’s not to mention the monsoon-like rains that sometimes hit the city.

For me, the perfect time to visit is around Mid-April through June and then again from late August to Mid-October. Think clear skies and balmy English summer days. That’s not to say there is really a bad time to visit – Christmas in the city is magical.

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How to Spend an Amazing Long Weekend from Sydney

To coincide with the launch of our new Bridge the World Australia brochure, we have spent the last few weeks on an online journey through Australia’s unique wilderness landscapes, wildlife adventures and hidden luxury retreats.

This week we are in New South Wales – a state whose reputation is understandably dominated by the iconic landmarks and stylish urban lifestyle of its world-famous capital Sydney.

At Bridge the World we are by no means immune to Sydney’s dazzling cosmopolitan charms, fully recognising that few cities in the world feature so highly on the average bucket list or are capable of sucking so many well-intentioned and once intrepid travellers into it’s magnetic vortex, never to return (we’ve lost a few good customers this way, they’re currently very happy, tanned and living in flipflops).

Expecting that visiting Sydney is a given, we are temporarily shunning the expected day trips out to the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains in favour of a few days self drive into the staggering natural splendour, gastronomic and grape-infused wiles of New South Wales. Perfect for a short Sydney stopover or one dreamy long weekend away, this self drive ventures into the soaring mist-cloaked peaks and plunging canyons of the Blue Mountains; vine-clad rolling countryside and rich earthy tones of the Hunter Valley; and sheltered white beaches and calm emerald waters of Port Stephens in just 4 days. Although, given what we already know about this intoxicating part of Australia, we would recommend longer – we of course refer here to intoxicating natural beauty as well as the wine.

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3 Music Students, 14 Days Round the World, 1 Goal – to Unite the World with Music. Introducing Their Incredible Journey

On Sunday 9th February, 3 London based music student set off on a round the world trip with no budget, no set plans of where to stay or what to do, but a whole heap of excitement and one clear goal – to connect the world via music in 14 days.

Max De Lucia (21), Sophie English (22), and Elliott Lyte (22), launched their Around the World in 14 Days site in December as an experiment to test the power of social media, crowd-sourcing and their own resourcefulness.

(L-R) Max, Sophie and Elliot.

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We Went Travelling, and got Engaged! 2 Blog Readers Share Their Romantic Proposal Stories Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love and travelling go together like, sausage and mash or Kat and Alfie. There’s just something about the freedom and happiness of travelling, that will bring out the best in some romantic souls, so what better time to go a bit gooey over some travel love stories than ‘V’ Day?

Last week, I took to Twitter to see if any of our followers had got engaged whist travelling, and asked them to tell me about it. Here are 2 of those stories, from Jenni-Lee and Siobhan about how an already amazing trip, suddenly became a moment in their lives that they would never forget.

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