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The Outback to the Ocean – Uncovering the Unique Landscapes of South Australia

In the full throes of celebrating the release of our new Bridge the World brochure, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks touring Australia to bring you some of our favourite wilderness adventures and luxurious retreats. This week we are in South Australia – a state of extraordinary natural wonders, unapologetic puns, and a corner of the world in which we have fallen hopelessly in love (or at the very least in serious wander lust).

Home to hauntingly beautiful and diverse ancient landscapes, stretching from the scorched jagged ridges of the southern outback to the crashing white peaks of the Southern Ocean, there is a rawness and wildness to South Australia’s beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

A trip here will take you to the mind-blowing extremes of nature and geology; diving with prehistoric Great Whites in the wild waters off the Eyre Peninsula, climbing Kangaroo Island’s remarkable rocks sculptured by 500 million years of Antarctic winds and ocean spray, and hiking into the vast lunar crater of 800 million year old Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges. In stark contrast to this giant and dramatic wilderness, are the rolling woven hills, undulating countryside and intimate vineyard retreats of the Barossa Valley, and the gentle colonial charms and long alfresco summers of Adelaide.

And, if this wasn’t enough, South Australia is also the country’s gourmet capital – with delicious seafood hauled from its oceans, fresh produce pulled from its pastures, and world-class wines drunk from its picturesque vineyards.


How to See the Very Best of South Australia

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Tales from STA Travel Experts’ Big Trips: Josh’s Working Holiday in Australia

It’s no secret that we’re pretty crazy about travelling here at STA Travel, it would be a bit weird if we weren’t right?! But over the next few weeks, as part of our new Your Big Trip campaign, we’ve got a bit more overexcited than usual.

Huge discounts, tonnes of new inspiration (have you seen our new round the world pages of the website – they’re fancy) as well as a brand spanking new Your Big Trip brochure to boot.

Our travel experts will be talking about big trips even more than usual over the next few weeks, so what better time to grill them about their own first big travel experience.

Say 'cheesy!' Travel Expert Josh from London.

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Shakedown, Berlin

Europe’s coolest capital? Well, Berlin is definitely up there. For somewhere so steeped in history and conflict, Germany’s capital is rapidly stealing the show from the rest of Western Europe’s popular hangouts. With a combination of glamorous style and urban cool, Berlin has been reborn, dusting off the rubble of post-war Germany and quickly turning into a young and vibrant city of culture, business, art and music.

Here we’re going to give you a shakedown of what Berlin is all about, to help you feel more like a local and avoid a repeat JFK’s famous words “Ich bin ein Berliner” (no, you’re not a doughnut, although…).

Brandenburg Gate.

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Wine, wildlife and boutique wilderness – a self drive discovery of Victoria’s best kept secrets

Continuing on Bridge the World’s journey through Australia, our second blog leads us to Victoria. For many, Australia’s smallest state is instantly recognised for its sophisticated, creative and sporty host capital of Melbourne; neighbours (a dedicated few perhaps); and as the start or finishing point to the Great Ocean Road – one of the most famous and breathtaking coastal drives in the world.

However, in following our theme of taking you to some of the places that we ourselves have re-discovered in researching our newly launched Australia brochure, this week takes an idyllic wilderness and epicurean self-drive instead through Victoria’s rolling vineyards, boutique B&Bs, gourmet dining, countryside bike trails and rugged coastal walks. So yes, essentially we’re combining a host of middle England’s favourite pastimes (you know who you are) but in one glorious and unspoilt playground just hours from Melbourne. And, we strongly suspect, with considerably better weather.

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How Greg is living his dream in one of the Best Jobs in the World, as a Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia

Welcome to the next installment from our Tourism Australia, Best Jobs in the World blog series. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been catching up with the lucky winners of the 6 Best Jobs in the World competition from last year, and this week, allow us to introduce you to Greg from Canada, who won the much sought after position of Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia. Here’s his story…

Six months ago I was on Copacabana Beach in Rio, trying to sort my life out. I never would have thought that come 2014 I would be swimming with Australian Sea Lions off Hopkins Island in 40 degree heat, in January! It is one of those moments when you think; wow is this for real, someone pinch me! When I applied for one of the Best Jobs in the World I honestly didn’t think I could ever win it, it was just fun to apply for, you know, in a ‘this would be cool’, ‘why not go for something crazy’ kind of way?

At the time, I was working as an adventure tour guide in South America. I led small group overland trips through Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Patagonia. It was a pretty awesome job and one I absolutely loved. That being said, it is full on, with no time off, no sick days, no down time. After 12 months this kind of lifestyle can becoming slightly draining. Getting paid to travel is awesome, but after 2 and half years it was time for a change. Enter Australia.

Shark Selfie! Image credit Greg Snell.

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