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Daines’s Deal Reel: Edition Five

D-d-d-d-d-d-eal time! I’ve searched high and low, far and wide, in the third floor kitchen and behind the MD’s desk for this week’s bunch of money saving unbeatable travel treats. Read them, book them, enjoy them, live them.

Travel Deals from Francoise

Did someone say they want a deal?

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Shakedown, Wellington

What’s the capital of New Zealand? Auckland! Wrong. It’s Wellington, the country’s third largest city, and the subject of this week’s Shakedown. If you’ve visited the city, consider adding your experience to the conversation via the comments below.

Wellington is located at the south end of New Zealand’s North Island, appearing to be pooled at the foot of a rumpled hill range, with uninhibited views across the Cook Strait to the Kaikoura Range weighing down the South Island.

Wellington is famous for its wind: with mean speeds of 22 km/h, and almost half of days experiencing gusts greater than 60 km/h, earning the city its moniker of Windy Wellington.

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11 Superb Christmas Stocking Fillers

Slip off your stockings, and walk this way people, because Christmas is coming! Yes, that’s right, that annual smattering of tinsel and turkey is upon us, and we all panic that we’ve missed someone off The List. Then the fat fella tumbles down the chimney, and a few hours later we’re all slumped on the sofa in a wildscape of torn paper.

But before any of that happens; I just need to make a few final checks, just to make sure you’re in control of things.

Christmas is coming!

There's no getting away from it… Christmas is coming! | Photo by AlicePopkorn

Remember that stocking you slipped off? Hand it over, because I’m about to slowly fill it with tempting goodies that will bring a rounded smile to travel fans around the country.
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The A-Z of Summer Camp USA

Summer Camp USA is high on the hitlists for travellers going into 2012. I’ve written a couple of posts recently on the subject of working in America, and they’ve gone down pretty well with readers, so I thought I’d come back with a summary for Summer Camp USA!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences around Summer Camp USA, so after you’ve rallied through the alphabet, take a moment to drop me a comment in the thread below and make the most of the chance to learn more about it.

Let’s get going, here’s my A-Z of Summer Camp USA, born of many months experience in the States.

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High Five… North America

North America is not what you would call a shy continent, is it? I was sitting, staring at the continent’s iconic silhouette, considering which five experiences I could plant on the mighty nations. Then it hit me. Go BIG!

So, this week, High Five North America is going to deal with some of the continent’s biggest, bestest, chunkiest experiences.


"Autumn's forgotten leaves" litter the USA's parks | Photo by *~Dawn~*

If you’ve visited Canada or the States, you’ll know how hard it is to cherry pick the best experiences, so help us out by adding your opinion to the comment thread below. Your ideas and advice will be seen by 1000s of travellers from around the world — make it count!

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