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Win a trip to California!

We’re competition crazy here at STA Travel. Why? Well, we just love what we do so much, that we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience it! And what’s better than say, travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco via some of California’s best-loved sites and cities? WINNING IT, and going for free, that’s what!

We mix it up with over 106,000 travel fanatics over on Facebook, which is a lot of people when you think about it.

It’s four times as many people than live in the pork pie capital of Great Britain, Melton Mowbray, and guess what? I’m going to carry on this needless comparison with Ploughman’s based food stuffs.

There are 65% more people in our Facebook community than live in Burton upon Trent, the homeland of the beast that is Branston Pickle and to round it off, our Facebook community boasts no less than 35 times more people than live in Stilton, the birthplace of England’s famous blue.

Now, I’m sure Melton, Burton and Stilton are all lovely places, but wouldn’t you rather visit Los Angeles, San Diego and San… Fran… cisco, plus a generous dollop of full fat natural wonders?

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Daines’s Deal Reel: Edition Two

Oh, hiiiii everyone, my name’s Emma! Confused? Francoise is away this week bungee jumping, sky-diving and generally having a right old time of it in New Zealand.

But fear not, she’s handed me her little black book, and I’ve been talking to all her contacts to bring you the best of this week’s travel deals, discounts and deliciously good offers.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed!

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Shakedown, Vancouver

This week in Shakedown, we’re taking a look at Canada’s largest port, Vancouver. The city’s fame was sent beyond the scale when the city hosted the 2010 Winter Games, and the appeal to travellers continues to echo beyond the Coast Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean that pin it to Canada’s fragmented West Coast, just 24 miles north of the Canada-US border.

Sonja Koehler, our Branch Manager at STA Travel Bristol, recently returned and claims, “Vancouver is one of my favourite cities in the world; it provides the perfect blend of modern city life, beside the Pacific Northwest.”

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10 Unexpected Experiences in Antarctica

Put your mittens up if you’ve been watching BBC’s Frozen Planet? Me too. Everywhere I turn, I hear people exclaiming how much they want to tour Antarctica or p-p-pick up a p-p-pet p-p-penguin.

There’s something about the polar regions that instantly attracts my attention.

Perhaps it’s the impression of being the ultimate blank canvas? Or the beauty of a seemingly minimalist landscape, when compared with other continents’ fragmented urban landscapes.

So I went on the hunt for someone who could quench my thirst for more knowledge of the frozen continent. And I found him in Birmingham.

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Five Alternative New Year’s Events

If you haven’t already achieved 89.5% of your 2011 New Year’s resolution, then today’s the day, because that’s exactly how far through the year we are. “Where’s the year gone?” I hear you say, for the tenth year in a row. “We haven’t even had summer!” You joke. We laugh. You cringe.

So, with little more than a month remaining until your big plans for celebrating New Year’s Eve fall apart at the mercy of a dozen text messages from unreliable friends*, it’s time to start making plans for the big night.

*Just me then?

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