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STA Travel Blog

Welcome! You are not alone…

Welcome to the new STA Travel Blog! As epic journeys go, this one is right up there with the best of them. This exciting new space is the hottest new spot in t’internet town, to talk about our favourite topic: travel.

You are not alone in spending every waking moment thinking about travel.

Whether that’s a boundless journey across the seven seas, or a whip around the world’s most exciting destinations, the STA Travel Blog is the place to be. We’ll be here every day, every week, with our pens dripping and our eyes and ears open.

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Win a Trip for Two to Melbourne!

It’s early days, but if I could steer the STA Travel Blog into emulating one city, it would be Melbourne. Why? Because it’s unpretentious from the ground up, and friendly on the eye. It’s made up of optimistic people, and fuelled by a cocktail of offbeat, functional, and fresh thinking.

I don’t want to use the word ‘cool’; but I just did, because let’s face it: Melbourne. Is. Cool.

So I’d like to send you and a friend to Melbourne, to experience life in one of my favourite cities in the world. Take a look for yourself.

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The Art of Haggling

You’ve found the cheapest flights. Booked the budget bed. Google Mapped the best value munch. So that’s it, you’re a bona fide Budgeteer, defending your bottom dollar as you duck under foreign borders. But can you haggle?

The term “haggle” comes from hoggva, which is Old Norse for “chop”. It sounds terribly brutal, but ask any hardened traveller and they’ll tell you it’s an art. Like ballet.

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Travel Crush

I found Barry White lurking in my iPod a few moments ago. So I concluded that I’m now romantic. So I figured I better act on a new-found-urge to heal the heartache of lonesome travellers around the world, by creating the inaugural feature for this, the new STA Travel Blog.

I’m calling it Travel Crush.

Heart in the Sky

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Winnerrrrr! Conor takes to Australia’s East Coast

Have you ever won return flights to Australia plus the keys to a campervan for you and three mates? No? Conor Kerr has, and he recently returned to reality with a tale to tell.

We caught up with Conor to ask him about his trip, and share his thoughts on Australia’s incredible east coast.

Connor and his friend take a leap on the beach with the Aussie flag.

this image is courtesy of Conor & Co.

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