By Danielle Woods

Volunteering projects abroad: What’s your volun-tribe?

Looking to boost that CV, learn more about your host country’s culture and get involved with the local community? If you want to bring more…

North America
By Hannah Jeffery

Where the city slogan is… keep Austin weird

Texas’ quirky state capital has natural beauty, bohemian southern charm and a live music bar on every block.

By Kim Durbridge

48-hour fling with Barcelona

World class art and architecture, foodie havens, proximity to the ocean, and some of the best nightlife and music festivals Europe has to offer… let’s try and fit this into 48 hours!

By Georgina Birch

8 reasons you NEED to visit Fiji

Prepare for daily piña coladas on incredible beaches, underwater wonderlands and some of the most insta-worthy tropical scenery out there. Here’s 8 reasons why you need to make Fiji your next holiday destination.

By Laura Caveney

48-hour fling with Amsterdam

Just an hour and a bit away by plane, this one short-distance love affair waiting to happen. Here’s 7 reasons you need to get Amsterdam on your to-do list.

By Georgina Birch

Sofa vs. Safari

Doing a safari in Africa is a bucket-list item for many people for sure (I know it’s on ours!). We promise you, it beats lying around on the sofa. Don’t believe us? Let’s see shall we?