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Tales from a Tassie Wrangler! The Story of Graham’s Best Job in the World in Tasmania

It’s been nearly 7 months since Graham Freeman from South Africa, started working as a Tassie Wrangler in Tasmania, he’s currently starting his next adventure exploring the Aussie main land, but after a life changing 6 months working in what is without a doubt Australia’s best kept secret, it’s proving hard to tear himself away. Here’s his story about this time in one of the Best Jobs in the World…

“Forward Paddle!” bellowed our guide from the rear of the raft, struggling to catch his breath as we dipped in and out of the onslaught of rapids. We were nearing the end of our trip: 7 days, 100kms, the first people in this remote region of South Western Tasmania in more than 6 months.

Releasing Tasmanian Devils on Maria Island. Image credit Graham Michael Freeman.

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Three Exceptional Reasons Why you Need to Include the Northern Territory in your Australia Adventure

At Bridge the World we are as guilty as the next travel agent of being seduced by a few quintessential Aussie staples – unnecessarily cold beers, beaches that will make you weep with joy, and barbecues that aren’t confined to one weekend of the year or a giant golfing umbrella.

So what – we’re shallow, pasty and it’s been raining for about forever. However, while we strongly encourage all of the above and wholeheartedly endorse experiencing all cultural stereotypes on your trip to Australia, particularly when they include a drink in a palm slung hammock, nowhere can quite capture the true spirit, power and raw splendour of Australia like the Northern Territory.

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Virgin High Flyer Cameron – How Losing out on one of the Best Jobs in the World Started me on an Adventure to the Best time of My Life

In 2013, 25 year old Cameron Ernst from Kansas USA, applied for the Chief Funster position in New South Wales, as part of Tourism Australia’s epic Best Jobs in the World competition. He lost out (boo), but in an unexpected and rather exciting turn of events, Cameron’s application led him on to another, and just as incredible, opportunity (yay!) Cameron was instead chosen to be Virgin’s High Flyer, travelling to all corners of Australia with the airline and experiencing the best of Australian hospitality and adventure. Here’s what happened, in his own words.

A small town boy from Kansas goes to Australia to travel for six months. My friends and family couldn’t believe it. And neither could I. Who would have guessed that my “somewhere over the rainbow” would be down under? I certainly didn’t see it coming. You see, the best part about being Virgin Australia High Flyer was that everything came unexpectedly.

Image credit: Cameron Ernst.

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We Want Your Travel Tips! A Selection of Some of the Best Big Trip Travel Tips Submitted by our Twitter Fans.

Here at STA Travel, we may be Travel Experts, we may well hire only the very best, most well travelled people to help you plan your own trips, but we know that as travel lovers yourself, you have a whole heap of knowledge and experience that is super valuable -especially to others about the embark on big trips of their own and that’s why we’ve created our Hashtag Gallery.

The STA Travel Hashtag Gallery sits on our Facebook page and hold a ton of amazing travel tips, advice and images of beautiful ‘must see’ places – all sent in by you, well ok, maybe not you specifically, but by our wonderful, knowledgeable social media communities. But, we do want your tips.

The knowledge you’ve gained while travelling the world could help to improve or enhance someone else’s adventure, so we’re asking you to take to social media and submit your own golden nuggets of advice, you can submit using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine, and just in case you need any other incentive to do so, we’ll be choosing one person at random each week to win a Lonely Planet book of their choice for their efforts.

There’s just one more important thing – don’t forget to add the hashtag #STABigTrip to your tips, otherwise they won’t get included (that’s why it’s called a hashtag gallery – clever eh?!)

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Win one of 8 Exciting Paid Internships in South Australia with Mentor Me!

Every now and again, one of those rare opportunities comes along that is so amazing, so exciting, that it’s almost unbelievable. The kind of opportunity that could potentially, not only change your life – it could make it.

This is one of those opportunities. We’ve teamed up with Mentor Me to offer 8 lucky people the experience of spending a month working as a paid intern with a prestigious South Australian company in sunny South Australia, home of the the furry inhabitants of kangaroo Island and the culture hub of Adelaide as well as a hole lot of sunshine (yes, I know, I’ve almost forgotten what that is too).

These internships will not only offer you the perfect opportunity to live the Aussie dream, they will also offer you a once in a life time chance to increase your employability by gaining valuable work experience in a prestigious company.

Become a shark scientist in Post Lincoln.

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