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Straight Outta Melbourne: Day Three – The start of Australia’s greatest road trip

There’s many words to describe a journey down Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Breath-taking. Diverse. Spectacular.

But that’s not what makes this road trip one of the best in the world.

It’s the way it makes you feel that cements the Great Ocean Road as the holy grail of road trips. You feel awed-inspired by the dramatic cliffs that cut off into a turquoise ocean of crashing waves and white foam. You feel curious as you wander through the ancient rainforest of Mountain Ash trees in the Otway National Park. And you feel on-top-of-the-world when you dive into the waves at any of the stunning beaches.

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Straight Outta Melbourne: Day Two – Is Fitzroy Australia’s funkiest town?

It’s been named one of the world’s most hipster neighbourhoods. It’s home to a vegan restaurant that ranks a well-earned place in Australia’s top dining lists. It has a bar themed on Seinfield’s George Costanza. And did we mention the Mexican eatery with an inbuilt concrete skate bowl?

Yup, Melbourne’s inner city precinct of Fitzroy is pretty damn cool.

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Straight Outta Melbourne: Day One – Unlocking the secrets of Melbourne

How does the perfect day in Australia’s buzzing city of Melbourne begin?

It starts huddled around a table in Manchester Press. A Melbourne coffee institution hidden down Rankins Lane where a latte, flat white or expresso is made with the same level of care as open heart surgery.

It’s here that STA’s two Insiders and two Outsiders meet for the first time.

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5 Clever Ways to Preserve your Travel Memories

Your trip is over, your laundry is put away (ok maybe not quite yet) and you have your souvenir t-shirt to show for it. But that doesn’t come close to immortalising the trip of a lifetime, and maybe you want to do something truly special with your stamped rail passes and photos. To help you get started, we’ve picked the brains of STA travel’s craftiest Travel Experts to offer up a few ideas to preserve your travel memories.


Image courtesy Shimelle on flickr

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The Super Bowl Sunday Guide to San Francisco

This Sunday is one of the USA’s biggest day of the year – Super Bowl 50! For those who have never heard of this before the Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League (NFL) season (think final day of Premier League where there is no clear winner).

Whether you are heading to the game or not with it’s Sun-kissed beaches, redwood forests, long open roads and iconic cities – California is America’s Golden State. Here are some San Francisco Bay Area experiences not to be missed!

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