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High Five… Greece!

So near, and yet, so far, exploring Greece can feel like you’ve travelled half way across the world on your three hour flight. In the news for all the wrong reasons recently, there’s a lot more to Greece than package holidays to party islands.

Scratch the surface and you’ll find incredible ruins, tiny mountain villages, fascinating wildlife and, yes, a party or seven. Hold on to your togas, here’s our Grecian High Five…

Athens has lots to discover...

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Ask the Experts: Where Can I Take my Two Young Children on an Adventure of a Lifetime?

Where would you go to give a 9 and 7 year old the adventure of a lifetime that you could enjoy just as much? This week our Travel Expert Lucy steps up to help blog reader Jessica who’s trying to decide where to take her two children travelling.

I want to travel for 3 weeks with my 2 children aged 9 & 7 both love the outdoors and new things, Australia is an option but would be interested in other places if there safe any ideas on the best child friendly hostels and trips I will have a budget of £5000. Jessica

Every week on the blog our Travel Experts tackle a question sent in by a blog reader and if you’d like to challenge them to answer your own question send it over now and we’ll put it to our Experts on a future edition of the Ask the Experts blog series soon.

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Hazardous creatures of the deep; what marine life should you avoid when snorkelling and diving abroad.

As you are probably aware of by now, we’ve opened our very own set of STA Travel Clinics. Little hubs of travel health information where you can talk to trained medical professionals about anything related to your health when preparing to go travelling.

Over the past few months, trained nurse Michelle Sellors has been a regular contributor to the STA Travel Blog in our ‘from the travel clinic’ series where she’s talked about everything from Malaria to Diarrhoea, and she’s back! This week Michelle is going to be sharing some advice for snorkelling and diving, giving you tips on what to look out for in the water to avoid any painful mishaps with these critters of the sea.

Beware of Jellyfish!

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6 of the Best Adventure Activities in Vietnam!

What do you think about when you think of Vietnam? Whatever it may be, chances are it’s probably not adventure activities.

But, as one of the world’s most picturesque landscapes, there are few better places to enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings while getting your blood pumping in a wide selection of adventures.

So, we’ve decided to count down just a few of our favourite activities in Vietnam to show that, as a country, great food, beautiful ancient temples and traditional rice paddies is not all it has to offer, there’s so much more…

Practice your paddleboardingskills in Mui Ne.

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High Five… Top End Australia!

Away from the big draws of the east coast and magical Ayers rock, the Top End of Australia, aka The Northern Territory, is often overlooked by visitors searching for the perfect beach or a slice of big city life.

But when you’re diving into rock pools, exploring ancient Aboriginal sites, coming face to face with Crocosaurus and sleeping out under endless stars, we guarantee you won’t miss the crowds.

Sunset on Mindil Beach, Darwin.

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