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You’ll never want to leave the Whitsundays!

Picture 74 islands slung across the Great Barrier Reef, these little islands are a showstopper on any East Coast trip! It’s safe to say once you’re there you’ll never want to leave. Our Aussie main man Adrian, is here to share with you his love for this jaw dropping bunch of islands.

I'm on a boat

I am in complete agreement with the boys from The Lonely Island when they’re singing about feeling like the “King of the world when you’re on a boat like Leo”, especially when that boat is cruising 5 knots on the Whitsunday passage, next stop Hayman Island!
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5 Dive Spots You Must Visit On The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a water baby’s haven, with the reef covering more than 3,000 square km there is plenty for you to explore and see. Depending on the season you visit this world heritage listed site you can dive with whales, sharks, hang with Crush and his family on the EAC dude (AKA sea turtles), glide with one of the giants of the ocean (AKA manta rays) and pretty much see all different species of fish under the sun.

But where should you go to see all these incredible creatures of the big blue? We’ve narrowed down our favourite spots. Check our favourites:

1.Osprey Reef

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This week’s blog comes from our very own Aussie social media guru… Alice Tolson! She’s here to tell us about the best foodie spots in her home away from home, Noosa.

Noosa, is a foodie’s dream destination and makes for a chilled-out stop along the buzzing sunshine coast. I would pretty much call Noosa my second home. I spent majority of my summer and September holidays as a kid trolling along Hastings Street and having a love/hate relationship with the steps to Upper Hastings Street. But more importantly, I fell in love with the food at Noosa and that’s what keeps me coming back every year. So here are my go to places:

Village Bicycle

Noosa Restaurant

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Throwback to Glasto!

We can’t help but think back to Glastonbury this time last week! We may be mud free and out of the rain for now but nothing quite beats the vibes that Glasto offers. It’s also the place for discovering the next big musical act. If you expand your horizons past the classic Pyramid stage, you’ll soon find there’s so much fresh talent on offer for you to Spotify the heck out of when you return. Only caught the headliners? Don’t worry! We’re here to make sure you know who to get on your radar for future festivals as you’ll guarantee to see the three acts below creep up the festival posters over the next few years..
wellies glastonbury
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Burning Man Festival comes to Europe!

Burning Man Festival comes to Europe

Famously held in a desolate Nevada desert at the tail-end of summer, Burning Man Festival is upping sticks and crossing the pond to unleash its craziness in Europe.

Burning Man

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