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The Ultimate Australian Experiences

Australia has got it all. With coastlines that stretch for miles, coral reefs seen from space, deserts full of history and culture, tropical jungles and some of the world’s most liveable cities – there’s just too much to see! Luckily, that’s where we come in. We’ve managed to narrow down 6 ultimate Australian experiences to get you pumped for your trip Down Under. But are you going to stop at 6?

Let’s start off with these for now…

1.Swim with Whale Sharks at Coral Bay

Whale Shark
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12 reasons NOT to go to Canada

Thinking about travelling to Canada? Stop right there. Thank God we caught you just in time! You’re one of the lucky ones. Before you make any hasty decisions, you should really consider these 12 well thought-out reasons NOT to go. But if crowd-surfing, partying at festivals, eating some of the best food, drinking at cool bars, paragliding over spectacular views and soaking up sunshine are your thing then sure, go for it!

Prepare yourself Canada isn’t great…

1. Canada is always cold. Always.

Parlee Beach Provincial Park

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9 amazing things I gained from a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

A wise man once said (probably in a mystical voice) ‘Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer.’ After living, working and travelling in Australia using the magical WHV*, I certainly feel he deserves his ‘wise man’ status.

But how specifically did I become richer? I hear you ask… Well, here are 9 amazing things I gained and YOU could be gaining if you dare make the same great decision I did.

*Working Holiday Visa

1.Improved CV

Fraser Island

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Step outside the Loop: the low down of Chicago’s neighbourhoods

It’s only natural that a trip to Chicago will have you make like Bueller, and take a day off to explore the heart of downtown. From jazz clubs to art institutes, there is something truly captivating about the Loop. However, the windy City is much more than skyscrapers, deep dish pizza and Grant Park. If you are after something beyond-the-norm, then hop on the El train and hit up some off our favourite spot off the beaten track.

1. For foodies and beer lovers: Lincoln Square

Only half-hour ride from downtown Chicago; Lincoln Square is one trendy place. An Old world heritage meets modern charm, with smatterings of its old German roots, the neighbourhood is an eclectic enclave that’s boasts an array of restaurants, bars and boutiques. For a mean pilsner head to Huettenbar and then straight onto Gene’s Sausage Shop. Finish your evening at the Old Town School of Folk Music for some live entertainment.

Image: Timeout Chicago

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What do Friday’s and great travel pictures have in common?
They both provide great memories, excitement and gooooood times!
This Friday, we thought we’d satisfy your eyes by sharing your amazing #starttheadventure pictures from all around the world. We’ve got wonderful waterfalls, remarkable ruins, stunning stars and more… ENJOY!


Scotland, United Kingdom

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