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China hits you like a Kung-Fu ‘Tiger Punch’ to the face! Frank was our G adventures tour guide and to be honest, if it wasn’t for him we’d probably still be trying to make our way out of Beijing airport.

If you’re thinking of taking on China be sure to have your very own ‘Frank’ or failing that, a decent guidebook and the patience of a Shaolin Monk.

However, with a little help along the way we managed to see some of the craziest places China had to offer…

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9 Amazing New Zealand Experiences

New Zealand is not a country that does things by halves. So much more than just a nice backdrop to Ian Mckellen’s horse riding antics, it’s a wild, seeking, joyful, seemingly limitless land stuffed full of adventures just for you. Which ones specifically? Read on for a glimpse into everything waiting for you when you turn left at Australia and go straight on till morning…

And while your on the road why not add some of our freshest unsigned musical talent from around the world to your playlist – with STA Travel Sounds. Check out the artists here

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Christmas is officially over, the decorations have (hopefully!) come down and all those presents you bought are now going for less than half price in the sale. If you’re choosing option a) hiding under the duvet pretending 2016 isn’t happening yet, over option b) calculating the easiest resolutions to stick to, here are a few from us to get you started:

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Top 10 tips for first time solo travellers

Cathy Winston is editor of 101 Singles Holidays, based in London but constantly plotting how to add to her tally of 55 countries. Her first solo trip was to Egypt 17 years ago when all her friends were too skint to come along. It turned out to be addictive…

Looking at people’s Instagram and Twitter feeds, you’d think no-one felt even slightly nervous about taking their first solo travel trip or remotely out of their depth as they globetrotted. Secretly, they’ve all been terrified, lonely, homesick and knackered at least once.

So if you can’t imagine ever setting off to see the world alone or are having second (and third) thoughts after booking, here are the 10 things a first time solo traveller needs to know.

feet overlooking mountain

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60 Days In Sydney & New South Wales

Well there we go, my epic 60 day adventure of an absolute lifetime has come to an end. I can’t believe it was two months ago today I arrived in Australia – it’s gone by in a flash! So, on this last blog, I thought I would run through all my highlights and a few tips for your future adventure around Sydney and New South Wales, ‘Straya.

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