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High Five… Germany!

The powerhouse of Europe with thousands of year of history, amazing cities, and some incredible landscapes – there’s so much more to Germany than beer and sausages (though there’s nothing wrong with that either).

Hold on to your stein as we take a stroll through the best that Germany has to offer…

The Magdeburg Christmas market.

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It’s the Tale of Two Cities, Sydney vs Melbourne, but Which One Comes Out on Top?

They’re two of the most exciting and backpacker friendly cities on the planet, but Melbourne and Sydney both offer something very different. One’s a super cool, cosmopolitan hub of arts, style and trendy bars the other a sun kissed surfers paradise, fit for a young crowd who play hard and, err, play hard some more.

These are the two most popular traveller hubs in Australia, a place where, if you visit, you may never want to leave – and many don’t. So what’s so great about Melbourne and Sydney? What is it about these two legends of the backpacking circuit, that keep travellers flocking back in their thousands year after year?

Chances are if you’ve visited both, your heart lies with one – but which one? Let’s take a look at what they both have to offer and I’ll let you make your own mind up…

The view of Melbourne CBD.

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5 City Breaks in the USA That Cost Less Than £600

Europe may be top of our list when it come to city break trips but why is that? The USA is the perfect city break destination (cities don’t come much bigger and impressive than those in the US) and believe it or not, it’s possible to get your flights and accommodation for less than £600pp.

Below we’ve got 5 city breaks in the USA that won’t push your bank account to the limit, cities that are among some of the most exciting and adventure filed in the entire world.

So consider your options, and reflect on that fact that a city break in America will probably work out to be a lot less expensive than you thought…

Los Angeles.

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Ask the Experts: What is the Cheapest Way to Travel North America?

It’s Friday, which means it’s Ask the Experts time again on the STA Travel Blog! Today’s question comes from Stephanie, and we’re talking American road trips:

What is the best and cheapest way to travel North America… My partner wants to do trek America but I feel we can do it so much cheaper as that will be part of our round the world trip? Samantha

Thanks for your question Samantha. We’ve got one of our best Travel Experts on the case for you – what do you suggest Lucy?

Hire a campervan and explore the USA your way.

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Get back to Nature! Where to Find the Very Best Hostels for Stunning Outdoor Scenery

One of the most fun things about travelling the world is getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something so different to your ‘normal’ life that it changes you a little bit.

We actively search for the type of experiences that offer us something a little different and in the spirit of that, I’ve decided to pool together a collection of my favourite hostels around the world where you can enjoy the very best of the great outdoors and get back to nature.

Staying in these hostels will add an extra dimension to your trip, and raise the bar when it comes to luxurious surroundings, at backpacker prices!

Bungalow Bay Koala Village.

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