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The Secrets of the Australian Northern Territory as Told by Best Jobs in the World Winner Allan

Last week we bought you the story of Elisa, the Best Jobs in the World winner from France who is currently living the dream as a Park Ranger in Queensland. This week, it’s all about Allan Dixon, he’s been grafting in the Northern Territory for 6 months having bagged the job of Outback Adventurer. Allan’s stepped up to tell us of his favourite moments so far and why he hopes his experience can help turn your head towards a working holiday in the Northern Territory…

We all have that one country we’ve always dreamt of visiting. Well, mine was Australia and I’m sure some of you have the same dream as me. When the Best Jobs in the World competition opened, my mum told me to enter. I’ve always been spontaneous and optimistic, so I entered, and within two months I’d won the Outback Adventurer position. Quit my job in Ireland and moved to Australia without hesitation, though it was quite a change, just up rooting your life to another country.

Having been here for six months now, it’s been an experience of a lifetime. It has reminded me to get out there and see the world while I still can, to get out of your comfort zone and book a one way plane ticket.

Allan is currently living the dream in the Outback in Australia's Northern Territory. Image credit: Allan Dixon.

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Shakedown, Seoul

Seoul, capital of South Korea, is truly a mega-city, with over 25 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, 17 subway lines, 6 bus terminals and thousands upon thousands of restaurants and bars. It is split into 25 districts 14 north of the river and 11 South and many of these have their own distinct business, shopping and restaurant districts. There’s so much here that it’s no surprise that it can take some days to orientate yourself in Seoul and, though you can explore the main tourist spots in a few days, at least a week to feel like you (kinda) know where you’re going!

The best thing you can do to help yourself get around is learn to read a little Korean script. It’s honestly not that hard to get the hang of (unlike Chinese it’s phonetic and not tonal) and once you know a few key words the neon signs and subway lines will start to pop with meaning. If you’re heading out somewhere and aren’t 100% sure how to get back to your accommodation, make sure you have the address written in Korean to show a taxi driver as most do not any speak English.

Seoul can be intensely cold in the winter and oppressively hot in the summer. Choose spring or autumn to make the most of the outside and inside attractions as well as the gorgeous autumn leaves or beautiful cherry blossoms (not just a Japanese phenomenon).

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Flash Sale! Save £400 on our Most Epic Adventure Tours

Last week we bought you 10 tours for £399. Now, as our epic touring flash sale steps up a gear, we bring you our next amazing flash sale offer, a HUGE selection of our best, most popular worldwide adventure tours, each with a whopping £400 off!

Calm down, I know this is exciting, but focus. You only have 4 days to bag one of these awesome trips before this offer runs out – that’s why we call it a ‘flash’ sale.

Below are my own choices of the top 5 trips available (I can do that, I’m writing this thing) but – and this is good news – there are too many to put in one blog post. So jump straight over to our Flash Sale area of the website and check out the rest, you’d be hard pressed not to find one you’ll love.

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Happy (Nearly) Australia Day! Here Are 5 Simple Steps to Help you Celebrate Like a True Aussie

This Sunday 26th January is Australia Day, A national holiday in Aus, a time to celebrate our brothers and sisters Down Under, and the only reason to party in January.

Whether you’re in Australia now, you have a special spot reserved for it in your heart, or you just love any old excuse to party, Australia day is the perfect time to celebrate all things Aussie.

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Is This the Best Job in the World? What Life is Like as a Park Ranger In Queensland

Remember Australia’s Best Jobs in the World competition from last year? Of course you do, everyone does. 6 amazing job opportunities in 6 beautiful and diverse corners of Australia. Brit Rich Keam won the job as Taste Master in Western Aus, we’ve already bought you his story. Today, we catch up with 29 year old Elisa Detrez from France who bagged the job as Park Ranger in Queensland. Lucky her. (Understatement of the year).

Prior to winning one of the Best Jobs in the World, I was living in Paris and working as an online marketer for Club Mediterranee. Then, one day in March 2013, I decided to try and change my life and applied for the Best Jobs in the World competition. After securing one of the Best Jobs in June 2013, I started my incredible journey as a Park Ranger in August 2013 in Queensland.

Jungle Surfing. Image by Maxime Coquard.

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