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5 Things Not to Miss in Singapore!

Singapore screams indulgence, excess and a damn good time. There’s so much to do in this spectacular city that you may find your budget runs out long before your energy does.

A real melting pot of Asian influence from all corners of the continent which, among other things, means a huge and wildly varied array of foods to choose from! When you’re not stuffing yourself silly, get out and explore everything you can – even something as simple as a ride on the subway can provide you with a photo opportunity.

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Quick Start Quide to the Andaman Islands

Today’s blog comes from James Greenslade who, after abandoning STA Travel headquarters, has returned to his native Australia to pine for the awful summers and “friendly” locals of the UK. He still writes a bit though.

Lesser known than their Thai neighbours to the east, the Andaman Islands offer visitors destinations just as beautiful, and even quieter. Sitting in the Bay of Bengal – and actually geographically closer to Thailand than India which they are administratively attached to - only a dozen or so of the 300 islands in the archipelago are open to visitors.

But what gems they are. Think pristine beaches, jungles, clear waters and, possibly best of all, hardly any people…

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Top 10 Gap Year Experiences

Year out, sabbatical, Gap Year, running away from “real life”; whatever you call it and whenever you take it, a big trip is good for the mind, the soul and even the CV. To some though, months of travelling can seem like a daunting prospect. Where do you start? How can you make the most of your time? What do people even DO on a gap year?

Well fear not. We’ve got 10 amazing experiences to inspire you for your next great adventure. Almost no one could fit all of these into one trip (though internet kudos for anyone who has!), but hopefully they will spark your imagination and give you an insight into some of the incredible options out there in the world. It’s your adventure – follow your own course.

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5 reasons why travelling Southeast Asia in the ‘low season’ is amazing!

If you hear the phrase “wet season” and shiver, you’re not alone. Many people who’ve not experienced the region run (or fly) in the opposite direction at the thought of massive rainstorms eating away at their beach time.

But wet season also translates to ‘low season’, and savvy travellers know there are some major benefits to travelling anywhere off peak. As long as you’re aware, and take a few basic precautions, the pros of travelling this region during the low time of year can greatly outweigh the cons.

Bikes in Laos

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8 Foods to Try in Singapore That You (probably) Won’t Find at Your Local Takeaway

Today’s blog comes from STA Travel’s James Greenslade, who has left his Oz homeland for a few months to explore the UK. He can currently be found pretending to be a super healthy Aussie in London while taking the tube everywhere because “no one walks anywhere in Australia”.

The introduction of Asian cuisine to Western culture is arguably the best thing that’s happened in recent times. We did say arguably. But while we love discovering new dishes, it’s no secret that there has been significant Western influence on much of the food we find this side of the Merlion. If you want the authentic stuff, you’ve got to go where it all came from.

Although we’re focusing on the city-state of Singapore, many of the below can actually be found (and in some cases originate from) Malaysia, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. However, when you’re in a massive, heaving city, chock full of cultures and food from all over the region, you might as well try the lot…

Image courtesy of Madeleine on Flickr

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