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What was Elle's take on Thailand?

As competition prizes go, a pair of tickets to Bangkok is a pretty nice way to set you up with an adventure through one of the world’s most popular destinations.

That’s exactly what happened for Elle Makower, who struck it lucky following a chance visit to the opening of our new Clapham store in South London.

We caught up with Elle recently, to find out how her adventure in Thailand played out, and to discover more about her experience.

Elle, atop on of Thailand's most iconic residents; the Asia Elephant.

How did you hear about the competition and what made you enter?

I was walking down the street in Clapham and I saw that there was a new STA Travel store opening. I’d been into other stores before so I recognised the brand, and, since I was planning on booking some flights to Malaysia in the near future, I popped in. It was the store’s first day and there was champagne and chocolates to celebrate, and I was asked if I’d like to enter a competition to win return flights to Thailand. All I had to do was write my name on a card, so I didn’t see the harm. Thank God I did!
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Ask the Experts: How should I approach the Golden Triangle?

This week, our fabulous Experts return to the panel to face a question of untold adventure. Centring around one of the world’s most alluring regions; a place of romantic history, and incredible modern life.

They call it the Golden Triangle, and it’s formed by three of North India’s most revered city’s: Delhi, the mighty capital; Agra, home to the Taj Mahal; and Jaipur, The Pink City. Teetering on the edge of Rajasthan, this is a region that has long attracted the eye of foreign explorers, and it’s soon the turn of Kylie from Lincoln, who has emailed the Experts to ask them for some straight-up advice.

How long do I need to explore India’s Golden Triangle? And as a single female, is it a destination you would recommend? Thanks Experts! Kylie in Lincoln

But can they meet the task? Can they lay down a response worthy of such a grand location? There’s only one way to find out, let’s hand over to the Experts…
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Ask the Experts: Which Asian City?

Once again, our Ask the Expert panellists have rocked up to the STA Travel Blog to field a question from our readers, and what a corker — this one would have completely stumped me.

Remember, if you have a travel question that you would like to pose to the panel, simply drop us an email.

Let’s take a look at one of the best questions from our inbox this week:

I absolutely love Bangkok, so much so I try and go back every couple of years. But I’m prepared to try somewhere new: is there anywhere comparable? Steph in Oxford

This is going to be an interesting rundown! Bangkok is one of Asia’s best-loved cities; a vibrant hub, that greets 10s of 1000s of travellers each year, with a unique instant identity that infuses them as soon as they step off the plane! So, Steph’s laid down her challenge, but can our Experts deliver? Let’s find out…
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High Five… Asia!

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, and one of the most diverse continents on the planet. It spans across 17 million square miles, and supports 3.9 billion people in 48 spellbinding countries.

So what have I done today? I’ve gone deep into the STA Travelchives and heaved up five of the continent’s most memorific experiences.

Whether you have travelled in Asia, or the flights are on the tip of your fingers, you’ll realise what a daunting task it was to summarise this continent in such broad strokes.

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