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Ask the Experts: How Can I Improve my Chances of Getting A Working Holiday Visa For Canada?

Our travellers love a working holiday adventure, and that’s why STA Travel teamed up with BUNAC – as they’re the experts in working abroad. So we went straight to them with this frequently asked question:

How can I improve my chances of getting a working holiday visa for Canada?

Canada is so hot right now, (metaphorically speaking only of course) so Sophie from BUNAC should have some cracking advice for everyone who’s wondering, Sophie, what you saying?

Quebec, Canada.

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Ask the Experts: Where Should I Go to Finish my Souteast Asia Trip After Thailand?

Our Travel Experts know pretty much everything there is to know about booking amazing trips all over the world. So it’s only fair that we get them to share some of this knowledge with you!

This is the very reason we introduced our Ask the Experts blog series, where every week two of our most clued up Travel Experts attempt to help you with those travel questions that have been puzzling you. This week we have a question sent in from Jenifer in Cumbria – take it away Jenifer…

Hi Experts! My boyfriend and I want to go travelling next year and are just starting to think about our route. We’ve both agreed that we’ll fly into Bangkok but aren’t really sure where we’ll go after Thailand – do you have any ideas of a route that will take in some really different places? We’ll have about 3 months do travel and don’t have any major preference on countries except Thailand. Thanks, Jennifer, Cumbria.

Ooooh good one, it can be quite tricky to do something different in such well travelled terrain as South East Asia, let’s see what our Experts suggest.

Golden Rock, Burma.

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Ask the Experts: What Tours Would You Suggest for An Adventure Junkie?

It’s hard to say what we’re more excited about, the fact that it’s Friday or that it’s Ask the Experts time here on the blog again!

Every week we pit a travel question from one of our blog readers to our Travel Experts Claire and Lucy and see who can come up with the goods. This week Claire steps up to tackle a question about active adventure travel from David in Halifax. What’s your question David?

Hi I’m looking for an adventure that is really active and will get my blood pumping. I’ve been to Everest Base Camp and climbed Kilimanjaro, what do you suggest should be next for me? David, Halifax

Hmmm good question David! There’s a huge number of active adventure tours out there to choose from, the hard part is choosing just one! Claire it’s over to you…

Take Titicaca.

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Ask the Experts: What is the Cheapest Way to Travel North America?

It’s Friday, which means it’s Ask the Experts time again on the STA Travel Blog! Today’s question comes from Stephanie, and we’re talking American road trips:

What is the best and cheapest way to travel North America… My partner wants to do trek America but I feel we can do it so much cheaper as that will be part of our round the world trip? Samantha

Thanks for your question Samantha. We’ve got one of our best Travel Experts on the case for you – what do you suggest Lucy?

Hire a campervan and explore the USA your way.

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Ask the Experts: Where Should I Go for Some Sun in November?

Ask the Experts is our weekly blog series where we encourage you, our loyal blog readers and travel fans, send us your questions for our clued up Travel Experts in store – and they’ll answer with loads of tips and advice right here on the blog.

This week’s question for our Experts is from Michael, take it away Michael.

I was thinking of going away for 10 days next month. I am already going to Thailand in December so am open to anywhere but there. I am looking for somewhere that is still warm at the beginning of November. Do you have any recommendations? Michael

Oh, we have some recommendations alright. Step forward Lucy from our Leeds Vicar Lane store…

Sahara Desert, Morocco.

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