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Ask the Experts: I’m a Novice Traveller – Help me Plan my Route!

It’s almost the weekend! And that means only one thing here on the STA Travel Blog – it’s Ask the Experts time again (Woooooo! Etc, etc)

This week we’re welcoming Elliot to the blog, to ask his burning travel question to our Travel Experts. Elliot, take it away…

I’m looking to go travelling next year with a few friends and we are all completely novice travellers! Could you give me some advice on a good route which covers the best bits of Southeast Asia and Australia? I think I’ll have about 6-8months. Also I’m not sure what sort of baggage to take – should I take a suitcase or a backpack? Thanks, Elliot

Autumn’s been here all of 1 week and we’re all already hankering for the sun to be back in our lives, so what do our Travel Experts recommend? Here’s Lucy to share her words of wisdom.

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Ask the Experts: Help! I’m Scared of Flying, Where Can I Travel Overland?

Happy Friday everyone! And to celebrate let’s have another blog reader question answered by our Travel Experts in our Ask the Experts series (don’t say we don’t treat you eh!).

So who do we have this week…

Hi Experts! I really want to go on an amazing trip but I’m petrified of flying. Is there anyway I can do something amazing without having to fly? Marie, Swindon

Ooooooh great question Marie, and one that will definitely test our Experts – but I reckon they’re up to it. So Claire, what’s your advice for Marie?

Wander the streets of beautiful Barcelona.

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Ask the Experts: Help Me Explore Eastern Europe

Woohoo, it’s Friday! So, you know what that means? Yep, our trusty Travel Experts are back again with another dose of advice for another inspirationally challenged blog reader.

So, what do we have this week? Well, Julia from London needs help putting together a plan for her trip to Eastern Europe, but before we get to that, here’s your chance to pose your own question to Lucy and Claire, just send them an email and your question will be featuring right her on the blog very soon! Now, back to the task in hand; Julia what’s your question?

I’ve always wanted to travel through eastern Europe I think I’m going to book it in early next year do you have any suggestions for unmissable places in this area of the continent? Julia, London

Great question about a beautiful part of the world Julia, so Experts whadda you know?!

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Ask the Experts: I Have £4,000 Saved for my Gap Trip – What Should I Do?!

It’s time for another blog reader question to be posed to our Travel Experts here on the STA Travel Blog as part of or Ask the Experts series and this week we’re talking Gap Years – exciting!

Sam from Newquay wants some help with the initial planning stages of their trip and as always Lucy and Claire are stepping up to help and share their top tips for an awesome adventure. So Sam, what would you like to know?

I am thinking of taking some time out to go travelling after I finish college and before I start uni next year. I think I can save around £4,000 for the whole trip – what would you do? Sam, Newquay.

This is exactly the kind of question our Experts love, one with lots of space for inspiration and ideas. Let’s see where they’re taking us this week…

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

I’d escape the British winter and head to Africa for an overland adventure of a lifetime! As your friends are hiding indoors trying to escape the rain or stuck with boring relatives over Christmas, you can be in your shorts on safari in the Serengeti looking for lions or in a dug out canoe cruising down the Chobe River or sand boarding down the awesome dunes of Namibia!

Watch wildlife on the edges of the Chobe River.

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Ask the Experts: What’s the Best Way to Spend 2 Weeks in South America?

Here we are again, fancy seeing you here! It’s another edition of our, rather fabulous, Ask the Experts series. Every week, we ask two of our most clued up Travel Experts for their opinions on the travel questions that have been on the minds of our blog readers.

If you have a question you’d like to put to our Experts, send it our way now. In the mean time, Lucy and Claire are here to answer the question that’s been plauging Lola from Sheffield. Lola what’s do you want to know?

Hi, I’ve always wanted to go to South America but unfortunately , because of work, I can only got for 2 weeks. Which country would you suggest I concentrate on as a first time traveller to the continent and what kind of activities could I do? Lola, Sheffield.

Great question! It’s easy to spend years exploring every nook and cranny of South America, but unfortunately not everyone has that long to spare! Ladies what do you suggest for Lola?

Laze on the deserted beaches of Paraty.

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