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Ask the Experts: Which are the Best Thai Islands?

It’s Ask the Experts time again here on the blog and this week we’re going to be teleporting you to paradise. This week’s question has been sent in by Jonah in Derby and is all about the beautiful islands of Thailand. What’s your question Jonah?

I’m off to Thailand Island Hopping in December what are your trips for the ‘must see’ islands and why? Jonah, Derby.

Ooooh good question! With an abundance of stunning islands to hop between in southern Thailand the decision of where to go will leave you with a big decision to make (although to be fair not exactly a bad decision to make!)

But luckily for you, our two experts Claire and Lucy are at the top of their game, and are here to offer some sound advice. What you saying ladies?

Railay Beach, Krabi.

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Ask the Experts: When is the Best Time to Visit New York?

Our Experts are back for another week to give their travel advice to another, slightly perplexed, blog reader.

This week’s question is sent in by Gordon and it’s all about New York, New York. What can our Experts help you with Gordon?

When would you say is the best time of the year to visit New York and why? Gordon, The Scottish Highlands.

We’ll if it helps, I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to visit New York! But, let’s see when our Experts suggest that the Big Apple really shines.

New York has a magical feel at Christmas time.

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Ask the Experts: What are the Unmissable Sights Around Ontario and Toronto, Canada?

It’s Ask the Experts time, it’s Ask the Experts time! Can you tell I’m excited?! It’s the time of the week where two of our Travel Experts step away from their duties in store and take the helm of the STA Travel Blog to answer your questions.

This week Rebecca in Aberdeen as been in touch, but before our Experts get started on answering Rebecca’s question, here’s your opportunity to get involved in the STA Travel Blog and have the Experts tackle your own travel question; send us an email now and they’ll answer it for you right here on the blog very soon.

Ok, so, what’s your question for our Experts Rebecca?

At the end of August I am going to Canada to study abroad for a year with my university. I am staying in Kingston, Ontario, not far from Toronto. What are the unmissable sights in Canada, and in Ontario or Toronto especially? Also, have you got any money-saving advice for travelling around Canada? Rebecca, Aberdeen.

Thanks for your question Rebecca, we’ve got two Travel Experts here, both ready and waiting to help you out. Let’s see what advice Lucy and Claire have to share…

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Ask the Experts: Can you Help me Plan my Trip to China?

Why hellooooo there, and welcome to another weekly Ask the Experts instalment, this is the blog series where we invite you to ask our Travel Experts any, travel related, question you like.

Unfortunately for us, it’s Amy’s last week here at STA Travel, and therefore as an Expert on our Ask the Experts series (sob!) but before she flies off to teach children in Vietnam, she’s here, along with Ask the Experts veteran Claire, to help blog reader Marcus with his China travel dilemma. What’s up Marcus?

I’ve always been interested in travelling to China, it seems like a really interesting place to visit, but it’s so vast! Which part should I visit and how do you suggest I can make the most of my time there? Marcus, Chelmsford.

China is absolutely one heck of a travel adventure. There’s so much you could do, but what do our two Experts suggest you should do? Let’s find out…

Visit a panda breeding centre to get up close to these amazing animals.

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Ask the Experts: Help me Decide Where my Next Trip Will Be!

It’s time for another thrilling(ish) edition of Ask the Experts, the blog where our Travel Experts reach into their bulging brains and pluck some of their very best snippets of travel knowledge in order to help another blog reader with their travel dilemmas.

This week Charlie from Peterborough has emailed us with this question:

My last trip was to South East Asia 6 months ago and it was awesome, but next time I want to do something really different. What would you suggest? Charlie, Peterborough

Ok, Charlie, not a problem, Amy is here to help you out, and this is a girl who knows a thing or two about putting together amazing trips. Unfortunately for us, Amy’s time as a Travel Expert here at STA Travel is coming to an end and therefore, so is her time as an Expert on our Ask the Experts series (sob!) This week is her penultimate week, so let’s see what she suggests for you…

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