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Top Festivals in Sydney and New South Wales!

We all know that there are more things to do on a regular day in Sydney and New South Wales than you can shake a didgeridoo at (and if you don’t know that already, get on it!), but the state is also home to some fabulous festivals.

Read on for 5 ways to pass the time when stunning beaches, unique eco-systems, brilliant breaks and the friendliest people on earth just aren’t enough for you.

Vivid 2014 – Image Credit Andrew Smith

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Your 60 Day Adventure Questions Answered


Good luck to everyone who entered, we’re reviewing the videos and Round 2 will open shortly!

Are you a repressed adventure junkie, idly playing with your camera phone at home and wishing that summer could last forever? Well, we might just be able to help with that…

So What Is It?

60 Day Adventure is one of those competitions that doesn’t come along every day, or even every year. It’s your opportunity to win an adventure in Sydney, Australia where you will live and tour around Sydney and New South Wales, try out a bunch of amazing activities and be an ambassador for everything Aussie for two whole months!

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5 Reasons You Need To Take The Great Aussie Detour

In 2013 Saxon Yuen gave up a job he loved to follow his dream. His latest adventure finds him on the highways and byways of Western Australia, and he thinks you should follow him there.

Here’s the thing about detours. When you travel with an open mind, they have this cheeky habit of becoming the main event.

While everyone else is on the well-worn path from A to B, you’re neck-deep in an adventure through C, D, E and beyond – all because you decided on a different path. And what made you decide? Maybe it was some chance conversation with that random guy at a party. Maybe you discovered a grainy, long-lost photograph behind the bookshelf like some archaeological prototype to Instagram. Who knows? Even your chance encounter with this very blog post could become the start of the greatest adventure you’ll ever know…

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Broome – Darwin: A Real Outback Adventure

One of the world’s last remaining wilderness regions, Western Australia should be high on any adventurer’s bucket list. With beaches to rival the East Coast but no people to get in the way of your sun, swathes of untouched land to explore and tumbling waterfalls to gaze at lovingly in the desert sunset, there is simply no reason not to start planning your trip immediately.

In this blog we take a closer look at the route from Broome to Darwin and pick out some of the highlights of this incredible land. Walking boots at the ready…

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Shakedown: Perth

Unlike its eastern cousins, Perth is a big city in Aus which you may not know a whole lot about. Commonly referred to as the “most isolated major city in the world” (actually Honolulu but a tiny island in the middle of the pacific is kinda cheating we reckon), Perth’s remoteness has actually resulted in a fantastically diverse, culturally rich city with a youthful, adventurous vibe.

We think it’s criminal that Perth has been left off backpacker itineraries for this long, and so we cry, “no more!” Read on for some great reasons to visit Perth before the hordes catch on.

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