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Round the World with the ‘Moves like Jaguar’

You’ve watched, favourited and re-watched Planet Earth on Netflix, you can’t stop watching YouTube sloth videos, and your ultimate dinner party guest is everyone’s favourite celebrity grandpa, Sir David Attenborough. Sound familiar? Well birdwatchers, critter cuddlers, vegans, zoologists and any animal lover in between, have we got a roar-some adventure for you…

We’ve designed an animal inspired Round the World route showcasing iconic creatures in some of the most biodiverse locations the planet has on offer. Binoculars at the ready!


From £1,599*

Round the world flights for animal lovers

Route highlights….


First stop Kenya. The African savannah plays host to a helluva load of animals to feast your eyes on: over 100 mammals and 400 bird species call this expansive landscape home. Head out on safari and have a ‘circle of life’ moment spotting lions, giraffes, zebras, leopards, cheetahs, buffalo, rhinos the list goes on…

Kenya Safari


You’ve read about it, seen it on the tv and now it’s your chance to walk amongst the towering trees and feel the magic of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. A tenth of all the world’s species are found here so get ready to unleash that inner animalista and swim with pink river dolphins, spot toucans and monkeys, dodge multi-coloured frogs and know you’re sharing air space with sloths and jaguars. Pretty cool right?

Mazon pink dolphins


Another day another animal-sighting opportunity. Not only is Australia home to some of the deadliest creatures on earth, it also has some pretty cute and cuddly ones too. Look up into the eucalyptus trees lining the Great Ocean Road and you might just spot yourself a Koala. Kangaroos are also common and, depending on season, whales can be seen frolicking off the shores of the south coast.

Koala bear


Whether it’s dodging a herd in what feels like a 100mph bus or heading out on safari in Tissa, we’d consider you a hermit if you DIDN’T catch a glimpse of an elephant in Sri Lanka! It’s a country that offers a little bit of everything. From jungle walks, safari excursions, diving hotspots in Trincomalee, mangrove river tours and blue whale watching in Mirissa.

Elephants in Sri Lanka

And if this isn’t enough to get you packing your bags and grabbing that animal encyclopaedia, design your very own Round the World journey with one of our Travel Experts >


*student/ youth price + £49 deposit applicable

See what Kate is experiencing #JustAnotherDayInWA

The West Coast of Australia… Rumour has has it that those wise enough to break the norm and venture in the opposite direction of the well-trodden East Coast will fall in love and be greatly rewarded with a unforgettable natural beauty… Well, see below for the astounding proof!

‘Adventurous Kate’ has lived up to her name and devoured every breath-taking adventure, sight and experience Western Australia has had to offer; And believe us, the West Coast is like an all you can eat buffet of eye-candy! Here’s Kate’s story.

Perth-ect Perth art

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60 Day Adventure Week 7: Quad Bikes & Sandboards

I arrived in Port Stephens for a Quad Bike & Sandboarding adventure. I typed in the address in the Sat Nav and it directed me to the middle of nowhere, where I was greeted by Tuc and Zac from Sand Dune Adventures who would be guiding our group. We got straight to it, helmets on and the safety talk began which basically boiled down to using your common sense and not being an idiot. Couldn’t agree more.

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Why You Should Travel Australia By Campervan

Today’s blog comes from Kieran Sandhu and Hannah Sparkes who left the drizzly UK in February to follow their dreams of travelling the world!

We started planning our Australian road-trip in the UK and took the time to choose our camper carefully, it was going to be our home for 2 months after all!

After much thought we opted for the Mighty Jackpot, which sleeps 3 (we need our space!) and has a sink, fridge and a gas cooker. We decided to be daring and chose not to add in Sat-Nav. Well it’s just one long road right? How hard can driving nearly 7000km up the coast of Oz be?

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60 Day Adventure Week 6: Byron, Hippy Vibes, Comfy Campers & Mullum

I’ve spent the last few days taking in Byron Bay enjoying the food, the atmosphere and generally chilling out (I know, it’s a hard life). However, one morning I made a last minute decision to climb Mt Warning at sunrise. The expedition started with a 2am wakeup call and an hour to drive to Wollumbin National Park

I reached the car park by about 3:30 am and packed up my gear, put some trainers on for the first time in what felt like months, and started the climb. I knew it was going to take me about 2 hours to reach the summit, which was exactly the time I had before sunrise, so I tried to walk a little faster. It was eerie, walking into the forest, but I was looking forward to the view.

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