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12 Incredible Places to Have Dinner with Your Mates

This Blog is written by STA Travel Intern Carin Bystrom.

Dinner is the perfect time for you and your mates to sit back and relax, enjoy each others company, and simply enjoy life. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t mix it up a bit. Dinner doesn’t need to be dull and below are 12 incredible places that prove it.

Calico Cat Café, Tokyo, Japan

Not a cat person? Then I’d carry on to the next suggestion if I were you. Calico Cat Café is situated in the busy district Shinjyuku in Tokyo. This café is designed for cat lovers; the concept is built on the idea that visitors enjoy sipping their lattés while snuggling up next to a friendly cat for company.

Once you arrive you are free to order your own food or drinks or even some cat food in order to lure a few of the 50+ cats over to you.

Image courtesy of MsSaraKelly on Flickr.

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Shakedown, Bangkok

Bangkok is probably the world biggest, most bustling traveller hub. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by the craziness so our CRM Excutive Carmen steps forward to create this handy city guide to help you make the most of your stay. Here’s our shakedown of Bangkok.

The first thing you should know is that Bangkok is a mega-city of multiple personalities. With over 6 million people living there, you can pretty much find anything at anytime of day or night; the city is peppered with corner shops called 7Eleven.

It’s got a fearsome party reputation – Hangover II was filmed here – and that’s no exaggeration, there’s everything from Ping Pong shows, down somewhat suspicious side streets (don’t google it), to super plush sky bars. The city is a natural hub for all travellers/explorers landing in Southeast Asia as it’s connected to, well, just about everywhere. So if you are looking to start your trip here, it’s a great place for meeting like minded people, going in your direction.

Markets pop up like umbrellas in the rain, all over the city throughout the week, so the shopping is great – especially if you like to haggle. Of course, as Thailand’s capital city, so there is also a wealth of historic, religious and modern cultural sites to see. So let’s get down to it, here’s what to do in Bangkok and how to do it…

Visit Bangkok's famous Floating Markets.

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Soaking Up (or Just Getting Soaked) at Songkran

Songkran, the famous Thai New Year festival, is upon us once again. This infamous festival is where thousands of Thais celebrate the end of the dry season by ‘cleansing’ themselves with water… in open warfare! Not only is it one of the most celebrated Buddhist festivals in Thailand, Songkran is also the world’s largest water fight.

Although Songkran is celebrated in most Thai cities, Chiang Mai and Bangkok are the two best places for the super-soaking festivities. We asked two STA Travel staff to give their personal accounts of this crazy, wet and seriously interactive festival.

I had a blast at Songkran, Thailand.

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10 Top Tips for Securing a Job on your Working Holiday in Australia

With thousands of young people heading for the shores of Australia every year to embark on a working holiday, the thought of joining them can seem daunting.

It’s only natural to feel a little nervous about what happens when you get there, ‘how will I find a job’, ‘which city is best to base myself’ are just 2 of the frequently asked questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We touch on working holidays regularly on the STA Travel blog in articles including A Dummies Guide to Working In Australia but this time we’re going to talk you though some top tips for actually getting a job when you’re there.

What job would you like to do in Australia?

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We Want Your Travel Tips! A Selection of Some of the Best Big Trip Travel Tips Submitted by our Twitter Fans.

Here at STA Travel, we may be Travel Experts, we may well hire only the very best, most well travelled people to help you plan your own trips, but we know that as travel lovers yourself, you have a whole heap of knowledge and experience that is super valuable -especially to others about the embark on big trips of their own and that’s why we’ve created our Hashtag Gallery.

The STA Travel Hashtag Gallery sits on our Facebook page and hold a ton of amazing travel tips, advice and images of beautiful ‘must see’ places – all sent in by you, well ok, maybe not you specifically, but by our wonderful, knowledgeable social media communities. But, we do want your tips.

The knowledge you’ve gained while travelling the world could help to improve or enhance someone else’s adventure, so we’re asking you to take to social media and submit your own golden nuggets of advice, you can submit using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine, and just in case you need any other incentive to do so, we’ll be choosing one person at random each week to win a Lonely Planet book of their choice for their efforts.

There’s just one more important thing – don’t forget to add the hashtag #STABigTrip to your tips, otherwise they won’t get included (that’s why it’s called a hashtag gallery – clever eh?!)

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