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Do we Have the Most Famous Customers in the World?

As a lover of X Factor, Heat magazine and pretty much all things celeb, I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t get just a little bit giddy with excitement at the thought of a real life, celeb spot.

Last week, I saw Jason Orange from Take That walking towards me through Hyde Park and I almost reverted straight back in to my screaming, and very uncool, 13 year old, boyband obsessed self and, ahhhhh, he’s still just as beautiful now as he was then. *Ahem*, anyway I digress…

Alert the Paps! Toadfish is in the house!

With over 30 years of business behind us and 46 stores across the UK, it’s inevitable that our hard-working store staff would have served the odd celeb or two over the years.

So, as a seasoned spotter, and a first class nosey parker, I’ve gone celeb spotting STA Travel style, and asked our staff to tell me who is the most famous person they have served during their time working behind the desk in one of our stores.

Get ready for a taste of the A-list and a whole heap of other, slightly more random, but equally as legendary spots.

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Hey girls, what undies should you pack for your big trip?

‘What knickers do you wear?’ I know that sounds slightly over familiar, but never under eastimate the frequency this conversation will rear it’s head during a gap/round the world trip, and you know what, it’s a valid subject.

What briefs should you take with you on your big trip? How many is too many? Which styles will I use? Which styles will I think I’ll use, but never will? The topic of packing is one that puzzles many a gap and round the world tripper and while I can’t advise you on the importance of your hair straighteners (most people said I was crazy, but I took my GHDs – I didn’t want to spend my entire trip looking like I had a badly groomed version of scary spice’s afro; that humidity can be a be a HUGE pain) I’d like to think I have a wise word or 2 about packing knickers.


Image courtesy of Sarah G

So, here goes, a list of knickers fit for travelling. But don’t take my word on things – no one died and made me queen of keks. Feel free to let me know whether you think this post is a handy run down or just total pants.

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The Answers To 8 Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

Our customer service team are a hard working bunch, they sit up at their desks in our Manchester office carefully and skillfully wading through requests, questions and feedback from our customers 7 days a week.

Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes people do have complaints to make, and our team are great at dealing with them quickly and efficiently, but, most of the time they are busy answering the many burning questions that come with planning an exciting trip overseas.

So, in the name of combating those niggling questions, our Customer Services team manager Nicola has provided us with the top questions asked to the customer services team by STA Travel customers and dished out the answers to help your trip run smoothly. Who knows maybe there an answer to a question you didn’t know you had yet?

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Do They Really Eat Dog In China? And Other Random Travel Questions Answered

I’d just come back from an amazing whirlwind trip in China where I’d visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, I’d eaten some great food and cuddled a Panda in a sanctuary deep in the jungle of Chengdu and what was the first question that almost everyone asked me once I was back? ‘Do they really eat dogs in China?’

It seems that some traditions, laws and customs from other countries really intrigue and astound us. As a nation we are utterly devoted to our pets so the thought of eating a dog seems completely alien and incomprehensible to us here in the UK. My mum loves her dog so much he pretty much rules her house, she talks to him, brushes him, even wet wipes his face clean (don’t ask). But you have to ask yourself, what is the difference, really, between eating dog and eating pig? If we hadn’t of domesticated them thousands of years ago, we could all be craving dog butties with brown sauce as a hangover cure without a second thought.

This idea has inspired me to take a brief look into some of the random questions you might get asked on your return from a trip, and to see if the customs, traditions and laws that inspired them are actually fact, or if it’s all been a little joke that got a bit out of hand…

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