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From the vast planes of the Serengeti (hellooo, Big Five!) to the dizzying heights of Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro, and from authentic experiences with Kenya's Masai Mara tribes, to face-to-face enocounters with Uganda's gorillas, East Africa is one of the most stunning and diverse corners of the world. Here, rainforests, dizzying waterfalls, some of the best beaches and most exotic wildlife in the world collide.

Our favourite countries to visit in East Africa

It's all about the wilderness in this beautiful country - from the plains of the Serengeti National Park where you can watch wild animals roam, through to the heights of Mt Kilimanjaro, a challenging and rewarding climb. If you're feeling some beach vibes, then look no further than the tropical islands that lie just offshore (home to a marine park too, of course). Tanzania is the perfect place for a wilderness explorer (reference to 'Up' intended). 
A country that inspired the team behind the Lion King, Kenya is a vast Savannah, a tropical coastline, and lush forests all rolled into one. It's home to the Masai Mara National Reserve, so it's a great place to spot wildlife (wildebeest, Amboseli elephants, flamingos - you name it). It's the country that's all about conservation - of it's communities, it's wildlife and it's tourism (they were the pioneers who first used armed rangers to protect their rhinos and elephants). All this and more makes it the perfect place to visit.
Home to one of the natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, and with the Big Five populating it's national parks (Matobo National Park is a biggie), Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with a sad story. But visit, and you'll find friendly locals, contrasting landscapes, and a sense of adventure around every corner. 
On the border with Zimbabwe (and Victoria Falls) lies another epic country scattered with national parks and safari areas, where the wilderness is raw and rugged. Huddle around a campfire and sleep under the stars, wander deep into the bush, and get up close and personal with the wildlife. 
A ginoromous island nation stretching up almost all of Africa's east coast, Madagascar is as off the beaten track as it is magical. The surreal Avenue of the Baobabs (pictured), wide-eyed lemurs, long, rocky road trips and the paradise of Nosy Be are just a few of the experiences Madagascar offers, that you won't find anywhere else in the world. 

When is the best time to visit East Africa?

The best time to visit the majority of East African countries is between June and October (the main dry season), but if you'd like to go at the beginning of the year, the best/driest countries to visit between January and February are Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. These are the best months to view the wildlife, as they'll be congregating around watering holes. 

Flights to East Africa

The easiest way to get in to East Africa is to fly into Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. If you're flying from London, the flight takes 8.5 hours, and there are plenty of airlines that fly this route. We've got student/youth fares, and book now pay later availability - meaning you can secure your flight now (at a quite cheap price too)!
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East Africa adventure tours

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Masai Mara Camping Safari | 4 days
If youre short on time, this adventure serves up the colours, culture, and wildlife of Kenya in four incredible days. Journey across the rolling plains and through the acacia trees of the legendary Masai Mara in search of Africas ever-elusive Big Five. While wilderness camping in permanent tents you hear the sounds of the planets most amazing animal life. The varied wildlife of the Mara and culture of the local Masai people all come together on this adventure to provide a spectacular safari experience.
From £759
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nairobi to zanzibar
Nairobi to Zanzibar | 34 days
After leaving Nairobi, you head straight to the Maasai Mara for an incredible 3-day jeep safari, with fantastic opportunities to see the 'Big 5' as well as others. Then cross the border into Tanzania, with safaris in both the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro National Parks, both packed with animals and home to spectacular scenery. You will camp near the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and explore the local village of Mto wa Mbu. The trip ends with a journey to the famous and evocative tropical island of Zanzibar.
From £1,660
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kenya camping
Kenya Camping Safari| 9 days
From dramatic savannahs to the Great Rift Valley, experience Kenya in all its glory. Travel the vast open plains and rolling hills of the Masai Mara and scour the wilderness for Africas Big Five. Full-service camping under the big African sky will bring you closer to the regions wildlife and gets you off the beaten path so you can really experience this land's unique culture.
From £1,569
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