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Landing in India for the first time, you're bound to get a culture shock. With wildly contrasting landscapes, fiery cuisine and blaring cities, India is a thrill to the senses and a travel experience like no other. Its pulse-pounding streets are exhilarating, fascinating and overwhelming all at once. From bustling railway journeys and raucous rickshaw rides, to uncovering awe-inspiring monuments and encountering the endless scents of spices and incense, India is the perfect place for a real Asian adventure.

India fast facts

Indian Language

Languages spoken

The language most widely spoken in India is Hindi, however there are a number of other languages, such as Bengali and Telugu.

Indian Currency


Name: Indian Rupee
Code: INR
Symbol: ‎₹
£1 is approximately 86 INR.‎

Indian Time Zone

Time zone

India Standard Time (IST)

India costs

India Beers


The cost of a domestic beer in India is 80-100Rs on average (around £1), but you can grab one for as little as 70Rs.

Indian Meals


A meal at an inexpensive restaurant in India can range from 80-250Rs(90p-£3), however you will get food much cheaper if you explore the street food stalls, where you can get samosas for 5Rs.

India Taxi

Taxi Ride

Want to catch a cab? Taxi fares start from 50Rs (60p), and you should always ensure you get a prepaid taxi. Or you could go for the cheaper option: a rickshaw.

Transport India


The easiest and most frequent mode of transport around India is by autorickshaw (like tuk tuks), which start at 25Rs (30p) for short journeys, or taxi. However you can also get around by bus, boats and trains, which are incredibly cheap.

Hostels India


Looking to stay in a hostel when you're in India? Dorm rooms start from as little as 165Rs - around £2 a night!

Hotels India


From budget to 5*, you'll be able to find a hotel room to suit your budget. The average cost for a double room is 500Rs (under £6).

Top places to visit

Mumbai and Delhi
These vast cities hit visitors with a bang. Both the capital Delhi and its rival Mumbai are thrilling, deafening, captivating - kaleidoscopes of people, colour, traffic and bric-a-brac. Paharganj is the backpacker hub of Delhi and great for perusing the bazars for top local crafts. And Mumbai isn't just about Bollywood, it has some of the best street food in all of India, so tuck right in!
Agra & Rajasthan
From Agra's world renowned Taj Mahal to the sensational Amber Fort in Jaipur. From the blue hues of Jodhpur's maze-like streets to the beautiful palace of Udaipur. And let's not forget the dramatic desert city of Jaisalmer and pretty little Pushkar, both of which burst with activity during the annual Camel Fairs. This is where those magical images of India conjured up by the imagination come alive.
The Himalayas
The Himalayas mean getting totally off the beaten track. Visit Ladakh in the north for an out of this world experience of tranquillity and isolation. Shimla and McLeod Ganj are great stops, the former famous for its scenic train journey, the latter for being home to the Dalai Lama. Manali and Rishikesh are known for their stunning surroundings, and Darjeeling in the east is perfect for tea lovers.
Varanasi and The Ganges
India's holiest city, Varanasi and its Ganges shores are a chaotic mix of sounds, scents and the most intimate of rituals. This city is considered incredibly sacred by all Hindus, making it's ghats (steps down to the river) a popular cremation and bathing spot. Make the pilgrimage here, witness the sunrise over the from a boat on the river, and suck in the colourful sights and smokey air - Varanasi throws every aspect of life at you at once, and will leave a lasting imprint. 
Goa and Kerala
Once a Portuguese outpost then a top hippie-hangout, Goa is one of India's best beach destinations, perfect for relaxing along its exotic shores, not forgetting exploring its colonial old city. Further south, Kerala is famed for its idyllic backwaters, lush hills and again, pristine beaches. Moreover, southern India boasts sensational foods featuring sweet curries and seafood, so prepare to feast!

India tours & rail adventures

Travel India
India Encompassed | 28 days
From the beautiful symmetry of the Taj Mahal to the unforgettable backwaters of Kerala, this comprehensive Indian journey is a photographer's delight.
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Travel India
Uncover India - Delhi to Goa | 15 days
The colours, the tastes, the architecture – experience the very best India has to offer. Snake your way through mysterious temples, magical palaces, shimmering lakes and some incredible cuisine. Check out the big cities of Delhi and Mumbai and soak up the amazing vistas of Rajasthan, including a trip to the Taj Mahal. Finish up in the party capital of Goa and soak up some sun.
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Travel India
West Coast India & Rajasthan by Rail | 12 days
Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel like a local in India? Well hop on a train to explore the chilled West Coast and exhilarating Rajasthan. After you experience the Taj Mahal, visit the colourful streets of Jaipur and explore stunning Udaipur. Plus, relax on Goa's golden beaches and indulge in fresh seafood right from the coast.
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More ways to see India

India Travel
Tailor Made India
Have a specific itinerary in mind? Want something extra special? Our Tailor Made India team can put together your perfect trip, tailored to your needs. From accommodation to transport and guides, let our Tailor Made team complete your Indian experience.
India Travel
Volunteer in India
From teaching to helping local communities, volunteering in India will give you an incredible insight into local living and could be a life changing opportunity. Not only will you be giving valuable assistance to those in need but you'll be gaining some amazing experience too, perfect for building your CV.
Up to 10% off volunteering projects in India! 
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India Travel
Mini Adventures in India
Got your India trip more or less planed but want a cheeky add-on or two? Check out our top packages and ensure you have the complete Indian experience. From camel safaris to yoga retreats, we've got your Indian adventure covered!

Start planning your adventure

Travelling in India: the FAQ's

When is the best time to visit India?

India has marked differences in weather depending on the time of year. The winter months see pleasant temperatures generally around the mid twenties (although the central regions can be higher) meaning this is prime time for beach destinations. Northern India sees colder temperatures however, in particular up in the Himalayas. April through to June sees a steady increase in temperatures as the sizzle begins. There is some respite up in the Himalayas however. The end of June sees in the beginning of the Monsoon season, which means heavy rain storms are prone to occur, particularly in the Himalayas and tropical southern tip. Accommodation can be quieter however during the summer months as many are put off by the rains so it can save you a few pennies travelling at this time.

What is the best way of getting around India?

India can be overwhelming for first time visitors, not only due to its hectic pace and complex culture, but because of the sheer size of it too. So, many travellers opt to join a group tour, which can span from just a few days to months! 

Independent? Good on you, bold traveller. India's bus and rail network can be a little tricky to get your head around at first, and often requires booking in advance in order to nab a comfortable seat or sleeping berth. We recommend you do planning and research if you intend to travel by public transport, instead of winging it. That aside, the train network is wide and efficient, so talk to a Travel Expert in store who has been to India, to find out whether it's for you.

Do I need a visa to visit India?

You'll need to apply for a tourist visa before you go to India, so allow yourself plenty of time for the application process. This visa currently costs £110, which may seem pricey but it's valid for up to a year, with multiple entries allowed, meaning you can fly out (for example, to Sri Lanka, Nepal or Thailand) then come back for round two! Trust us, India is so big and diverse, you'll want a year!

For up to date information, visit the government travel advice page or speak to on of our Travel Experts when you book your trip.

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