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latin america

Latin America

Destination Inspiration

From the awesome white-washed wilderness of Patagonia to the sunbeaten Mayan ruins of Mexico, Latin America hosts some of the most diverse landscapes, vibrant cities and National Geographic wonders on the planet.

You could spend years discovering everything that Latin America has to offer, making it one of the best destinations for big overland trips and Gap Year travel. Head to South America for some of the world-famous landmarks of Machu Picchu or Christ the Redeemer, or take a shorter trip to the beaches of Costa Rica and Mexico. Either way, Latin America is packed full of adventure.

South America

To summarise South America would be to sell it short because it has it all: glaciers, exotic jungles, epic waterfalls, soaring peaks, desert plains, vineyards, sand dunes, ancient ruins and cultural cities. South America rewards those who travel overland with its diversity.


Brazil is one big festival of sound, colour, sights and smells. From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the steamy trails through the Amazon rainforest, Brazil is the big daddy of South America. Take in the Iguazu Falls, laze about on Copacabana's sands and pay a visit to the iconic Christ the Redeemer.
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Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, search for wildlife in the Amazon, spot condors at Colca Canyon, experience local life at a homestay on Lake Titicaca...we love Peru!
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Argentina is proud of its heritage and culture. Taste wines in Mendoza, feel the spray of mighty Iguassu Falls on your face, trek through the icy peaks of Patagonia and take a tango lesson in Buenos Aires.
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Compared to its neighbours, Bolivia seems a bit like a poor relative. Yet Bolivia is rich in rugged landscapes and natural beauty. Venture into the National Parks for volcanoes, rock deserts and the iconic salt flats. Live like a local on Lake Titicaca and tackle the high-altitude city life of La Paz.
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The fusion of Latin American and Caribbean cultures makes Colombia not only an exciting country to visit, but one that's sure to add a touch of sparkle to your holiday. Jam packed with exotic destinations, joyful local communities and pretty much the best coffee in the world, what's not to love? Check out our exciting packages, day trips and top accommodation.
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Central America

Central America offers a completely different perspective of Latin America, demonstrating the tapestry of cultures and influences that makes this continent so fascinating. From the turquoise seas and Caribbean beaches of the East coast, to the magnificent Mayan ruins in Mexico and jungles of Nicaragua, Central America may be small but it is pretty mighty too.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Hiking, ziplining, kayaking and whitewater rafting are just some of the activities you can do in the rainforests, before recovering on in a hammock on a beach with a cold beer.
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Mexico's perfect for adventure and offers up a whole lot of of history and culture. Climb ruins, snorkel with sharks, fill your mind with all things Mayan and get some quality beach action. Ay, caramba! Oh, and the food is spectacular too.
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Hailed as the travel destination of the moment, there's no better time to visit Cuba than now! Groove to the sounds of Salsa, visit the pulse-pounding old quarter of Havana, relax on gorgeous Caribbean beaches and loose yourself in towns frozen in time. Cuba has it all, from off the beaten track adventures to pure chill out. Sounds ideal?  We think so too!
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Things to do

Due to the sheer size of Latin America, getting your travel planned out is key. We have a great range of tours in South and Central America, including epic overland adventure tours and special Inca Trail treks. For more independent travellers, check out our bus passes!

The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu

No trip to South America is truly complete without conquering the Inca Trail. This world-famous route involves jaw-dropping scenery, lush cloudforest, sub-tropical jungle and a mix of Inca ruins. We offer a variety of tour options, all providing incredible experiences high up in the Peruvian Andes.
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Adventure Tours

From Inca Trail treks to whitewater rafting in Costa Rica and a whole lot more in between, Latin America touring is pretty epic. Search for your perfect tour of South and Central America.
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Overland Adventure Tours

Latin America is made for overland trips, and with our partners Dragoman, we bring you truck-based journeys of exploration, adventure and fun! This type of travel brings a whole new meaning to "off the beaten track".
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The diverse geographical landscapes and never-ending roads of Latin America make it perfect for overland travel, and what better way to explore than with the flexibility of a hop-on-hop-off bus pass? Set off to discover lost cities and ancient civilisations, bask in warm sunshine on tropical beaches, take on the mighty Andes and party like a local in the hot-spots of the booming Latino capitals!
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