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Destination Inspiration

An STA Travel favorite, Peru has it all. Ancient Inca heritage mixed with strong Spanish and European influences, Peru is fascinating. No trip to South America is complete without a pilgrimage to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, a genuine world wonder hidden for years in the jungle, but now open and ready for us to explore! Throw in the fascinating Nazca Lines, volcanoes, canyons, sand dunes, textiles, festivals and the best ceviche you'll ever taste - enjoy!

When to Visit Peru

You can visit Peru all year round, but because of Peru’s size and varying landscapes, the best way to deciding on when to visit Peru is to work out what you want to do when you're there. If you’re hiking up Machu Picchu or want to trek some of the epic Andes, May through to September is the time to go. If you’re heading to the Northern beaches and warmer climates, December through to March is the time to visit.

How to get there

Bordering five other South American nations means Peru’s various destinations are easily in reach from the rest of the continent. With flights coming in from 29 destinations around the world, the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima is the main place to fly to, but Cusco airport is a popular choice for those heading to Machu Picchu. Search for cheap flights to Peru with STA Travel.
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Top Places to Visit

Machu Picchu isn't the only awesome thing about Peru. Far from it, in fact. Adventure seekers have so much more to get stuck into; watch condors soar at Colca Canyon, discover Peru's colonial capital Lima, view the mysterious Nazca lines, live like a local on Lake Titicaca, explore the Sacred Valley and board down the sand dunes in Huacachina.

Machu Picchu

Without a doubt, Machu Picchu is Peru’s most popular destination to visit. Perched 2,430m up in the sky, it’s no surprise that it was hidden for so long. A frequent contender on most bucket lists, the epic Inca Trail takes you into the jungle, through stunning mountain scenes and up into the clouds. When you get up there, wander through the ancient Inca ruins and befriend the resident llamas.
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Peru’s capital, Lima offers a world away from the rugged mountains of Machu Picchu. With a clear Spanish influence, the city is far more European than Cusco. With museums, archaeological sites, adventure sports, and nightlife on offer, Lima is busy, bustling and full of history. Lima is also the home to seafood ceviche - take it from us, you won't find any better!
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Colca Canyon

So you've heard of the Grand Canyon, sure. But Peru’s Colca Canyon is twice as deep as Arizona’s Grand Canyon and just as impressive. Book a trek to the Colca Canyon, and explore the dazzling scenery of the surrounding area. After your trek, relax in the oasis of chilled-out tourist resorts sitting at the bottom of the canyon. The views looking up are just as good as the views looking down.
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Ever seen a real oasis? Imagine living in one! Huacachina is a small town near the city of Ica surrounded by huge sand dunes. Largely abandoned until the 90s, it’s now a hotspot for travellers from all over the world. Jump in a dune buggy and tear down the dunes on a sandboard. Watch the sun set over the dunes, then chill out in the small hippy restaurants and bars at night.
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Welcome to Peru's second-largest city. Arequipa may not be as well known as Cusco or Lima, but it has huge historical significance and some seriously good food! Set at the foot of three dramatic volcanoes, Arequipa is a great place to wander and an even better place to try classic Peruvian dishes like rocoto relleno (stuffed peppers) and chupe de camarones (spicy shrimp stew).
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The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! This trip will culminate in the enchanting and mysterious Lost City of the Incas: Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail combines jaw-dropping scenery, lush cloudforest, sub-tropical jungle and a mix of Inca ruins. As well as the ancient Inca Trail trek, we offer a variety of other tour options, all providing incredible experiences high up in the Peruvian Andes.

The Inca Trail

While it is physically demanding, the 40km hike remains within the reach of most reasonably fit travelers. Some parts are steep, especially the three high passes – one of which reaches an elevation of 4,200m (13,776 ft)! But the mist-shrouded views of Machu Picchu prove to all who make it that the climb was definitely worth it. We have a range of tours that include all or part of the Inca Trail.
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Tours, Packages and Volunteering

Peru is only a small part of South America - there are many more adventures to be had! It's bordered by five other amazing South American countries, so extend your trip and get exploring! Hop over the border to Bolivia, where you can head to the crazy city of La Paz or take a trip down to the Bolivian Salt Flats. Feel at home in the jungle? Delve further into the tropical Amazon and travel through Brazil. Or for blissful beaches and more lost cities, head north to Colombia.

Peru Adventure Tours

Even without the Inca Trail, there's so much to do in Peru. Explore the Colca Canyon, visit the Nazca Lines, go sand-boarding in Huacachina and discover the culinary delights of Arequipa. Check out our Peru adventure tours.
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Peru Packages and Day Trips

Make travelling Peru easy with our range of packages and day trips. See Peru's top sights, from the peaks of Machu Picchu to the shores of Lake Titicaca, and get your transfers and accommodation included.
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