Working Holiday Travel Talks

Come on down to our FREE work and travel talks! Find out about the massive benefits of doing a working holiday, and how to go about arranging one. If you're lacking ideas and funds for an exciting trip abroad, a working holiday could be just the ticket...

Hosted by the work and travel experts, BUNAC, these talks will give you all the advice you need about working in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, including information about different jobs opportunities, locations, VISAs and travel arrangements.

BUNAC Work America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand travel talks

Store Date and Time Email to reserve your place
Newcastle-upon-Tyne  8th APR -  19:00
Dundee  15th APR - 19:00
Cardiff  24th APR - 18:30
London Victoria  1st MAY - 19:30
Bristol  6th MAY - 19:00
Manchester Deansgate  13th MAY - 19:00