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Working Holiday Visas

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Working Holidays are the best way to earn money while you travel! Plus, they have the added bonus of enhancing your skill set and making your CV more desirable to employers back home.

We offer a great visa service for Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, which is stress free, efficient and the safest way to process your visas for your upcoming travels.

Australia visa | New Zealand visa | Work Canada | Work America

• Get expert advice on your visa requirements
• Professional support throughout your Visa Application process
• Avoid the hassle and costs relating to travelling to the embassy to drop-off and collect your passport
• Safe and efficient courier service, so no worry about your passport getting lost

Please note STA Travel is non-affiliated with any governments.

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Australia Working Holiday Visa

An Australian working holiday visa allows you to live and work in Oz for up to 12 months. Securing a visa can be a long and sometimes torturous process. Our Visa Service takes out all this hassle, and will help you begin your life Down Under in no time.

From STA Travel: You can purchase your Australian working holiday visa with the full support of our Visa Service fr £330.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

A New Zealand working holiday Visa allows you to live and work there for up to 12 months, or even up to 23 months if you have a UK passport.

There are a limited number of visas given out each year, so don't delay; we wouldn't want you to miss out!

How much does it cost?

From STA Travel: You can purchase your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa with the full support of STA Travel's Visa Service for £138.

From New Zealand's Government: If you prefer to apply for the Visa without the support of STA’s Travel Visa Service, you can purchase it via the New Zealand Government’s website for NZD165 (approx £85).

Work in Canada with BUNAC and STA Travel

Work Canada Programme

Fancy working at a summer resort that offers mountain biking, canoeing and hiking? Or maybe a winter resort where you can carve it up on the slopes?

We've teamed up with BUNAC, the work and travel experts, to offer you an exciting working holiday programme in Canada from £359.

Work in North America

Work America Programme

We've teamed up with BUNAC - the work and travel experts - to offer you an exciting working holiday programme in the USA.

Only for those studying full time at university, the Work America programme allows you to spend your summer living and working in the States, and costs £529

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