Volunteer Abroad

At STA Travel, we've always believed in giving something back - it's at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of volunteering projects all over the world, which allow you to immerse yourself into a community and help you to give something back to the country you're travelling in. You can volunteer in a number of different ways and in a number of locations. Deciding which volunteering project is best for you depends on what kind of work you want to do and where you want to do it. Learn more about the types of volunteering available

Why Volunteer with us?

Our volunteering projects are authentic, sustainable and responsible. We believe in giving back to the communities we visit through the STA Travel Foundation and by making sure that our travel has a positive impact. We only work with a select number of partners who build meaningful relationships with local communities, whilst ensuring that we fulfill our travellers' desires to make a difference. Our Social Responsibility

We travel responsibly

We dream big and think local, working with the Born Free Foundation on a pioneering animal welfare policy and supporting local communities via the STA Travel Foundation. We've been trusted by travellers since 1979, only working with the most reputable suppliers to ensure our standards of customer health and safety are met around the globe

Types of Volunteering

So kind traveller, have a think about how you'd like to dedicate the majority of your time. All our projects are categorised below to help you decide... View all tours

Work with animals With so many endangered species around the world fighting for our survival, work towards their protection on one of our animal projects.

Work with children Help to break the cycle of poverty by teaching local children the skills they need for a better future. This type of project is also perfect for gaining experience working with kids.

Work with communities Work in some of the world's most remote areas to improve the quality of life for local communities, helping to build a more sustainable future.

Work in conservation Help local communities to preserve their fragile ecosystems, contributing to the long-term education of the environments we all enjoy as travellers.

Teaching sports Sport has the power to cross all linguistic and cultural barriers. Use your enthusiasm to develop vital teamwork skills, boost confidence, and put a great big smile on the kids' faces as well as yours.

Do it all Combine all the different ways to volunteer in one project - working with children, protecting local wildlife and helping the local community. View our tours

Where to Volunteer

This is the really fun part...We have projects that span the globe - from the wilds of Africa to the palm fringed beaches of the Pacific. Combine your passion for working with children with some temple gazing in Asia; mix a project preserving the fragile African eco-system with a safari to spot the 'Big Five'; or spend your weekends chilling by the ocean in Mexico, Costa Rica or more...

Thailand A volunteers’ favourite, this one! This lush forested setting in Chiang Mai is home to around 30 elephants which have been rescued from a lifetime of abuse working in the tourist trade. You’ll be helping to feed and look after the elephants, conserve their environment and of course taking part in the best time of day – bath time! Find out more

Goa beach & Volunteer During the week you will be teaching English and maths to children in local schools plus caring for communities in slum areas. In the evenings and weekends zen out with yoga sessions, try some Bollywood dancing or chill out on the palm-fringed, silky sands of nearby Madagon Town. Find out more

Costa Rica turtle conservation Help save the tortugas (that’s Spanish for turtle, you know) on the beautiful Playa Matapalo in Costa Rica. You’ll be doing vital work patrolling the beach to stop egg poachers, monitoring nests and collecting data. Best of all, you might get to see the baby turtles hatch and release them into the ocean – go little tortugas, go! Find out more

Help children in Cape Town Fancy spending your days telling stories, playing games and caring for the kids? Then this is the project for you! You’ll be supporting some really under-resourced centres with children from brand new to age 7 by co-ordinating activities, helping with feeding and nap time, general housework and of course lots of cuddles! Find out more

Make a Difference in the Philippines Volunteer at the Enchanted Farm in the Philippines, a thriving hub for social entrepreneurs, teach English to children in an after-school club cooking, farming and supporting workers with their day-to-day tasks. For your final few days, you'll transfer to a bamboo-built hostel in San Felipe where you will learn how to surf, visit an indigenous community and relax on the beach. Find out more

Shamwari Conservation Experience Your chance to shoot the Big 5! With a camera of course. Also your chance to help protect this amazing habitat for these animals by helping with research, monitoring, and rehabilitation. Feel like a real ranger doing wildlife tracking and work to raise environmental awareness in the local community. Find out more

Fiji Projects Get your feel-goods in paradise on one of our Fijian island projects. You can get involved in wide range of work, from teaching and looking after kids in the local schools to marine conservation and diving, or helping local communities all surrounded by pristine white beaches and sparkling blue water. It will hardly seem like work! Find out more

Australia Conservation Project Outdoorsy types will love this fun, get-your-hands-dirty project Down Under. Joining Oz's leading active conservation charity, project locations will vary week to week, from urban areas to places way off the tourist trail. Typical activities include construction initiatives, identyfying and collecting seeds and removing weed species. Find out more