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Gap year volunteering opportunities

At STA Travel, we've always believed in giving something back - it's at the heart of what we do. We offer a wide range of volunteering projects and work all over the world that you can do as part of a gap year or something shorter, immersing yourself into a community and giving something back to the country you're travelling in. You can volunteer in a number of different ways. Deciding which type of volunteering work is best for you depends on where in the world you want to do it, and whether you'd rather work with children, adults or animals.

Types of volunteering project

  • Work with animals
    With so many endangered species around the world fighting for our survival, work towards their protection on one of our animal projects.
  • Work with children
    Help to break the cycle of poverty by teaching local children the skills they need for a better future. This type of project is also perfect for gaining experience working with kids.
  • Work with communities
    Work in some of the world's most remote areas to improve the quality of life for local communities, helping to build a more sustainable future.
  • Conservation work
    Help local communities to preserve their fragile ecosystems, contributing to the long-term education of the environments we all enjoy as travellers.
  • Teach sports
    Sport has the power to cross all linguistic and cultural barriers. Use your enthusiasm to develop vital teamwork skills, boost confidence, and put a great big smile on the kids' faces as well as yours.
  • Do it all!
    Combine all the different ways to volunteer in one project - working with children, protecting local wildlife and helping the local community.

How do you want to volunteer?

We offer 50 projects in 22 countries around the world. First of all, you should consider whether you want to commit to one volunteering project for an extended amount of time, or opt for a voluntour trip, where you'll combine a volunteering project with a group tour. What's the differences, we hear you ask?
Volunteering in Brazil
- You'll focus on one project for an extended period.
- You'll stay locally and be able to immerse yourself properly in the community and culture.
- You can go your own way! You'll travel more independently when the time comes to see the rest of the country you're in. 


- You'll combine a volunteering experience with a group tour.
- You'll gain a local perspective instead of a tourist's - living with a community in your chosen destination will allow you to see it through their eyes.
- You'll meet and travel with like-minded, socially conscious travellers.

Our featured volunteering projects

volunteer in borneo
Experience Borneo & conserve Orangutans
This project is designed to raise awareness of the conservation efforts made in Sarawak and to bring harmony between people and orangutans. Be one of the special few who experience and help with orangutan rehabilitation. Plus take part in an adventure into the rainforest to meet descendants of the Iban tribe and experience a unique stay in a traditional longhouse.
Projects now from £1,058 | 15% off
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mexico marine conservation expedition
Mexico Marine Conservation Expedition
Support the long-term survival of the world's second largest barrier reef in idyllic Caribbean surroundings. You'll help with coral and tropical fish monitoring, seasonal turtle nesting surveys and sustainability programmes. Plus, get the opportunity to learn to scuba dive to an internationally recognised level. 
Projects now start from £1,802 | £150 off
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volunteer with animals
Thai Elephant Conservation
Set in a valley surrounded by forested mountains, this projects offers a peaceful home for more than 30 neglected and previously abused elephants. You'll play an essential role in caring for endangered elephants. Day to day, you'll assist veterinary inspections, feed this majestic grey giants and learn about their interaction.
Projects start from £378
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Shamwari Volunteer
Shamwari Conservation Experience in South Africa
Experience one of our best selling volunteer projects with an amazing conservation experience at the Shamwari Big Five Game Reserve, South Africa - all ranging from 2-12 weeks. You’ll work closely with the Born Free Foundation to assist with animal tracking and research, game count surveys, reserve rehab and more.
Projects from £818
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volunteer with turtles
Volunteer with turtles in Greece
We'll all have sat in front of wildlife documentaries gunning through our own tears for those baby turtles to make it to the sea. Lakonikos Bay is one of the Mediterranean's most important nesting areas for endangered loggerhead turtles. Help protect them by patrolling the sands, locating new tracks and nests and conducting wildlife surveys. 
Projects now from £926 | £150 off
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Seychelles Island volunteering
Seychelles Island Research & Conservation
Join a team of volunteers on Curieuse Island, assisting the local government with crucial wildlife and terrestrial conservation projects, It's not all flopping about on paradise beaches though (that's what your weekends are for), so come ready for lots of physical activity in hot climes. Working in forests and on the beach, you'll help with giant tortoise habitat management, turtle nesting research, bird monitoring and national park conservation.
Projects now from £1,020 | £150 off
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Volunteer Galapagos Islands
Volunteer Galapagos Islands
On one of the world's most enticing and unique archipelagos - your role as a volunteer requires greenfingers, as you'll spend your weekdays working with a conservation intiative to help protect the growth of native plants. After five days at the project, spend a full day at your leisure exploring the unique species of floral and fauna, as well as marine iguanas, giant tortoise and Galapagos fur seals.
Projects from £885
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Great White Sharks Volunteering
Great White Sharks Volunteering
Known as the world's great white shark capital, Gansbaai is located at the southernmost tip of Africa and provides daily sightings of the famed predators. This project give you plenty of time at sea, where you'll take your position on a shark diving vessel to learn about shark research conservation, assist the crew and help tourists to don their wetsuits. Gansbaai is a hotbed of marine life, so you could also spot whales, dolphins, seals and penguins at sea. 
Projects start from £628
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Costa Rica Turtle Conservation
Costa Rica Turtle Conservation
You might like to think of yourself as a seasoned globetrotter but you've got nothing on sea turtles, who travel up to 10,000 miles a year on their own flippers. But with egg poaching and climate change threatening their existence, their journey can often be tricky. Support the community led effort to improve the chance of survival for endangered hatchlings on Playa Montezuma. 
Projects start from £247
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Jubilee Sailing Trust

Always fancied the life of a sailor? No experience required at Jubilee Sailing Trust! These voyages are inclusive to everyone, of all abilities/disabilities, meaning everyone contributes to the journey! You'll be navigating, setting the sail, preparing food and be on lookout duty, and if you're a fully-abled crew member, you might also be asked to assist other members with their tasks. Ahoy there!
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Watch this video and get inspired about volunteering in the Philippines...

Why volunteer with STA Travel?

These days, there are a lot of volunteering projects around the world that are mismanaged and actually end up exploiting poorer communities for a larger profit, rather than helping them. Our volunteering projects are authentic, sustainable and responsible. We believe in giving back to the communities we visit through the STA Travel Foundation and by making sure that our travel has a positive impact. We make sure we only work with a select number of partners who build meaningful relationships with local communities, whilst ensuring that we fulfill our travellers' desires to make a difference. Read our full Social Responsibility statement here.

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