West Coast tours

Flaunt yourself in the capital of showbiz, listen to the roaring waves of the Pacific, absorb the natural beauty of Yosemite, glide effortlessly over the hills of San Fran by cable car, gasp in amazement at the enormous Grand Canyon and sell your soul to the charms of Vegas.


These are our West Coast adventures...

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One Week

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Western Highlights

LA to Las Vegas
Everybody's guilty of some sweet, innocent California dreaming, which makes a two-day, San Diego sun-n-surf stop, a great western start. Continue on to the Grand Canyon, a desert phenomenon in Arizona. And later in Nevada, with party people and poker champs, we'll show our hand.....your final destination is Sin City itself, Las Vegas. Learn more >


California Southbound

San Francisco to LA
Embark on an epic road trip under the hazy Californian sun. Pass through some of the country's best national parks, including Yosemite, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. Learn more >

1 - 2 Weeks

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California Dreamin

Start & finish San Francisco, 15 days
Starting out in San Francisco, you’ll saunter down the Pacific coast, taking in countless beachside sanctuaries – Monterey, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego are all on the itinerary. Learn more >

Wild Western

Start & Finish Los Angeles, 14 days
Saddle on up all you hard drinkin’, fast ridin’ and straight shootin’ guys and gals and get yourself ready for a two-week trip of a lifetime across the American Wild West. Follow in the footsteps of dangerous outlaws, rugged wranglers and heroic sheriffs and check out some of the country’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. Learn more >

2 - 3 weeks

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Wild West Wonders

Start and finish San Francisco, 15 days
Designed to rouse the adventurous spirit, this is an adventure of contrasting landscapes and experiences. From the golden beaches of San Diego and Santa Fe, to the dry deserts of Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley, to the neon lights of Las Vegas and the vast chasm of the Grand Canyon, this trip has it all. Learn more >

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