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Volunteer, Learn, Work and Travel

Working, learning and volunteering abroad is a great way to travel; we love nothing more than getting to know a new language, culture or environment and we've always believed in giving a little something back. For us, this is what travel is all about and we have hundreds of opportunities for you to work and volunteer abroad on your Gap Year, career break or sabbatical.


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Why Work Abroad?

Why not? Jobs will vary depending on where in the world you end up, but working in a different culture and environment is always going to be exciting. Working abroad allows you to experience a country as a local, not just seeing the tourist sites but living the culture. Earn money to fund your travels, making your trip last even longer! Not only that, but working abroad looks great on your CV and gives you something to talk about in those job interviews back at home.


The Aussie lifestyle is envied all over the world, with its year-round sunshine, tropical climate, beach culture and vast and varied landscapes to explore. Take the ultimate gap year down under by working and travelling in Australia! Working holiday visas from £349.    

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From the giant sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach to the ice-capped peaks and glaciers of the Southern Alps, New Zealand is a country that will never cease to amaze you. You can nab all sorts of jobs, from ski instructor to kiwi harvester, so get your New Zealand working holiday visa and start living the dream.


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Whether you're heading to Canada to soak up the vibrant atmosphere in Toronto, the mountain biking in Whistler or the skiing in Banff, a flexible working holiday is the perfect way to pay for it all. Together with BUNAC we've got the ideal programme for anyone embarking on a working holiday in Canada.
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Live the American dream! Discover the real America away from the tourist crowds on one of our amazing summer programmes. Whether you're spending your summer with kids in a summer camp or in a job with your working holiday visa, we have all the info you need!


TEFL is a qualification that will enable you to teach English abroad. Live and work in a new place, gain an insight into the culture and earn some cash for your travels. Take our fully accredited online course and combine with one of our amazing TEFL Adventures or Internships.


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Where can I work abroad?

Although our most popular work abroad destinations are USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, you can work in pretty much any country in the world providing you have the correct Visa and documentation. Book an appointment with an STA Travel expert today to discuss where you’d like to go and what work you’d be interested in doing and we’ll hook you up!

Can I work abroad without a degree?

Of course! There are plenty of opportunities for those travelling without a degree, including fruit-picking in Australia, bar work in New Zealand and summer camps in America. Teaching abroad in some countries requires you to hold a degree in order to obtain a valid Visa. However, for the majority of unskilled, non-professional work around the world, all that’s needed is an appropriate working Visa.

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Responsible travel has been with STA Travel in various shapes and forms since our pioneering days. By funding a number of projects through the STA Travel Foundation we are really making a difference to the local communities we're gotten to know over the years.

Now you can help too; we've got over 90 incredible volunteering projects that will give you the opportunity to do some good of your own. Decide how and where you want to volunteer, from working with animals in Asia, to conservation in Latin America, and we can sort the rest.


Do something good for both you and the world around you. Our volunteering projects allow you to volunteer for a week or a month, depending on your time constraints and you can do anything from marine conservation in Mexico to teaching children in the depths of India and Africa.


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Learning while you travel makes your trip more worthwhile. Coming back home with extra skills after a year abroad will show future employers that you made the most of your experience. Take a look below to find out about learning a language abroad or picking up new skills in far flung countries!


Learning a language abroad is a really great thing to do. Immerse yourself into a culture by learning a language in the country that speaks it. You get to live somewhere cool, get that smug feeling of self-improvement and have genuine exchanges with locals. Learn Spanish in Latin America, learn Japanese in Tokyo or French and Italian in Europe!
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Let's get something straight: learning abroad isn't the same as learning at home. We're talking about learning to surf in Australia, learning to dive in Thailand or Fiji, becoming a ski instructor in Canada or even becoming a game ranger in South Africa - learning abroad is way more fun! Come back from your travels with a new skill and earn some serious cool points.
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