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Work Abroad with STA Travel
Are you the best you can be? We want you to be! That's why we offer an exciting range of opportunities, which promise to provide you with stacks of ongoing benefits. Have you considered working holidays as an alternative to your day job? Or perhaps you want the chance to teach the world a thing or two?

Work in Australia with STA Travel

Work in Australia

Australia Working Holidays
We've got piles of information about Australia Working Holidays, including visa advice and tips on how to maximise your time Down Under. We've also teamed up with BUNAC to bring you the ultimate Working Holiday package!
Work in New Zealand with BUNAC and STA Travel

Work in New Zealand

New Zealand Working Holidays
Working holiday visas allow you to stay in NZ for up to 23 months…there’s a great variety of work in this laid back country! The BUNAC Work New Zealand programme is ideal for those embarking on an extended working holiday.

Summer Camps USA

Work at Summer Camp Exchange USA
Want to do something different this summer? American summer camps are a fantastic way to spend your holidays - working with kids, spending time outside and meeting new people, all whilst earning money for travelling the USA afterwards!

Work in America

American Working Visas
Only for full time university students, this BUNAC programme allows you to spend your summer living and working in the USA.
Work in Canada with BUNAC and STA Travel

Work in Canada

Canada Working Visa
This BUNAC package is ideal for anyone embarking on a working holiday in Canada. Earn some cash and gain life skills!


Volunteer Abroad with STA Travel


Volunteering projects
Give something back and volunteer on one of our community or conservation projects worldwide.
Teach English as a Foreign Language STA Travel TEFL Courses

TEFL courses

Teach English abroad
TEFL courses open up a window of opportunity and help you integrate with local communities.
Language Courses with STA Travel

Language courses

Learn a language
Learning a new language overseas is an experience that will stay with you forever. Whatever you are looking for, from Chinese to Spanish lessons, we guarantee you won't be tongue tied for long.

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