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Work in Canada

Fancy trying something different? Want to boost your CV? We've teamed up with BUNAC, the work and travel experts, to offer you an exciting Work Canada support programme. Whether it’s help to get your visa accepted first time, or job hunting assistance once you arrive, Work Canada starts from £359 and will support you throughout your whole time there! 


The Pool for 2018 IEC Visas is now open!

The Pool for 2018 IEC visas is now open – if you want to work in Canada in 2018, don’t miss out! Get your guide on how to navigate the complex visa process by booking onto BUNAC’s Work Canada programme with just a £75 deposit. Check out up-to-date visa info.

Work in Canada

BUNACWork programme

From the vivid mountain colours to the ultimate winter wonderland, Canada has the best of every season wrapped up into one. This is the place to be when kick starting a working holiday abroad and BUNAC can make it all happen!

BUNAC has two programmes available tailored to your 24 month visa. For all you independent travellers out there then BUNAC’s Essentials programme offers everything you need to start your working holiday. For those who like peace of mind then the Ultimate programme will see you placed in a job before you even land. What are you waiting for, travel a new country in confidence, hit the slopes and have a working holiday to remember with BUNAC.

Work in Canada
Work Canada Essentials Package
• Visa assistance and application guide
• Access to our online webinars
• Access to our job database for 24 months
• Accommodation listings
• 2 nights accommodation at a premier hostel in either Vancouver or Toronto
• Bank account and National Insurance number
• Canadian SIM card
• Option to fly as part of a group with an Iceland stop over!
• Free city walking tour and social events
• Round the clock support and more!

Get a free upgrade to the Ultimate package and save £140*
From £359
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Work in Canada
Work Canada Ultimate Package
Pre-arrange your job before setting foot on Canadian soil, get everything included in the Essentials package plus

• Pre arrange your job in British Colombia, Ontario or Alberta (4-6 month contracts)
• Assistance in securing your accommodation before your arrival
• Opportunity to work in the best ski resorts in the world such as Whistler and Banff
• Subsidised or free season passes if you work at a resort
• Access to job database, job support and résumé workshops - for future opportunities



From £499
Book now

Group Flights

BUNAC offer a suggested flight option as part of this trip: the opportunity to join other BUNACers on your journey to Canada on a 3-day Iceland stopover. Available to solo travellers, couples and groups, this is the perfect way to connect with others prior to arriving into Vancouver or Toronto. Seats are limited so ensure you enquire at the time of booking to avoid disappointment.
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How to Apply

Canadian Working Holiday Visas can be notoriously difficult to get a hold of, with only a select number available each year. But with a £75 deposit you’ll gain access to BUNAC’s expert advice and support when applying for your visa. BUNAC puts you in the best position to get your hands on one, and what’s more they offer the best working holiday package to go with it!
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How long can you stay in Canada on a working holiday visa?

The IEC working holiday visa is pretty over-subscribed, and is controlled on the discretion of Canadian immigration, for good reason. If you're a British citizen between the ages of 18 and 30, or an Irish citizen between the ages of 18-35, you can work and travel around Canada for up to 2 years.

What's the process of the Canadian working holiday visa?

5,000 visas are allocated to each the UK and Ireland each year. Because it's an over-subscribed visa, you should join the visa pool as early as possible, then once you've applied you'll either hear back with an invitation to apply or you won't (people are selected at random). Once you get an invitation you can then begin your formal application.


Just in case you aren't quite convinced, take a look at what others just like you have got up to in Canada and the benefits they've received from joining BUNAC's work packages!
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