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STA Travel Job Opportunities


You know you should work for STA Travel when:

When youre idea of a ‘relaxing holiday’ is a three-day trek followed by volunteering in the jungle

If someone wears a suit to work you automatically think 'INTERVIEW’!

Your travel clinic nurse refers to as the 'human pin cushion'

You sign your business emails with 'no worries'.

Our APPRENTICE SCHEME 2015 is now open, to apply click here!

All our Apprentices nationwide work towards an NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Customer Services. Over the 12 month programme not only will you have practical on the job training but you will have some recognition of that learning at the end of your apprenticeship.

Perks of STA include ability to travel on reduced rates, and experience the world. Also working alongside experienced Travel Experts to develop your career in the industry.



Click here to view all our current vacancies and apply now to Start Your Adventure with STA Travel.       
 Who We Are? 

Founded in 1979, STA Travel has over 30 years experience in providing adventurous travel for the under 35’s. STA Travel is also for anyone passionate about fun, adventurous, educational travel; wanting flexibility, reliable service and support.

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   What are we looking for? 

STA Travel is committed to building a global brand that defines travel for students and young people. We are proud to have an unrivalled reputation across the globe and believe that travel changes lives for the better.

If you are interested in joining STA Travel and want to learn more please click here.   


 Travel Expert

Click here to find out about Travel Expert role 


 Store Manager  

Click here to find out about Store Manager role    

Bridge The World Travel Expert Home Worker     

 Click here to find out about the Home Worker role


 STA Travel Head Office

Click here to find out about departments in our Head office    



 Manchester Contact Centre  

 Click here to get to know our Contact centre    



 Training and Development

Click here to find out about the support you get from day one and throughout your career with STA Travel    



Perks of working for STA Travel   

What’s in it for your? We have a whole host of benefits you can tap in to as an STA Travel colleague. Click here to find out details.

Get £30 off your trip when you book a store appointment.
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