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Work in Australia

Things to be thankful to Australia for: the selfie, the dual flush toilet, the Hemsworth brothers, Australian working holiday visas! A lifeline for travellers aged 18-30 who want to see the world without plundering their savings, working holidays are a great way to earn money, improve your CV and live abroad for a year. And throughout February, we've got huge savings, too!

Australia working holiday must-haves

Work in Australia
Australia working holiday visas
If you're a British citizen aged between 18-30, you can apply for a 12-month working holiday visa. If on your first visa you complete three months of specified farm work in regional Australia, then you can apply for a second 12-month visa. With our stress-free visa service, most applications are granted within 48 hours, plus you'll get free help setting up your tax file number and bank account. 
From £349
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Melbourne working holiday
Hello Australia work starter packs
Get your working holiday off to an effortless start with one of our Hello Australia starter packs. These essential welcome packages will take care of all the dull stuff – like getting from the airport, finding a hostel, job hunting, tax file numbers, Medicare and setting up a bank account – so that you can get on with the fun stuff. Like the included pub crawls.
From £244 | Available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Cairns | 4, 6 or 8-days 
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Work in Australia
Hello Australia: The Big One
The mothership of would-be working holidaymakers, the Big One includes all the job help, support and accommodation as our Hello Australia packs, plus an action-packed week of group activities. From heading out to the Blue Mountains and Great Ocean Road to cruising the Yarra river in Melbourne, spend the week seeing the icons, bonding with other backpackers and getting into the swing of things before earning $$$!
Available in either Sydney or Melbourne | 8 days | From £575
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Western Australia internship
Internships in Australia and New Zealand
Want to set yourself apart when it comes to full-time work by undertaking an internship, but also want to travel? We can find you a placement in your dream job in Australia or New Zealand, so you can get some work and life experience. We'll tailor placements to your needs and qualifications, and even help you with your CV and interview prep. 
From £750
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Australia working holidays: Your questions answered

What do the typical wages in Australia look like?

Barista wages in Australia


Get your caffeine highs and see those bank account zeros rise, earning $17-25 an hour working in coffee shops.

Bar work wages in Australia

Bar work

$17-25 per hour, plus tips and an awesome social life? Laughing all the way to the bank. Plus, free digs in some rural areas.

Hospitality wages in Australia


$17-25 per hour plus tips, with corporate hospitality and big events such as the Melbourne Cup paying up to $50 an hour!

Office admin wage in Australia

Office work

Admin roles can pay $20-30 per hour; or upwards of $35 if you're already experienced in PR, recruitment or marketing.

labouring wage in Australia

Labour and farming (including regional work)

Around $30 an hour, or more with trade experience. Farm work can vary, with fruitpicking often paid by how much you pick.

shop work in australia

Shop work

Earn between $19-25 an hour, plus some pretty good staff discounts and instant popularity amongst your new friends.

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How long can I stay in Australia for?

Initially you will be permitted to stay for a maximum period of twelve months from the date you enter the country, and you can work for any one employer for a maximum of six months. If you wish to stay in Australia for longer, you'll be able to qualify for a second year visa if you have completed the required three months of agricultural work, which backpackers usually complete on a farm.

Is there an age limit for working holiday visas?

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 (inclusive) at the time of applying for the visa.

How can I find work in Australia?

The job market in Australia can be competitive and working holiday makers are all vying for the best jobs. The best way to find work quickly is with one of our Hello Australia starter packs which include job assistance, one to one support and accommodation.

What kind of jobs can I do in Australia?

The Working Holiday Visa allows you to work in all types of jobs, depending on your skills and preference. Popular roles are within the tourism, hospitality and agricultural sectors.

How much money do I need to take with me to Australia?

Upon entry to Australia you will need to be able to prove that you have funds to the equivalent of $5,000 Australian Dollar to support yourself.

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