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Asia Bus passes

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Tropical jungles, paradise beaches, booming cities and zen-tastic temples - Asia has it all! Take the hassle out of travelling around on your Asia adventure with a flexible bus pass. Travel from backpacker hot-spots to more remote destinations and see all that this fascinating continent has to offer. From Jaipur to Bangkok, Luang Prabang to Singapore our hop-on-hop-off routes can get you there!

Stray Asia: Guided Hop-on-hop-off Travel

All Stray Asia passes include safe and reliable transport and you can choose a pass which also includes accommodation or experiences, whether you'd like a tour leader or how flexible you'd like your trip to be. One of the great things about these passes is that they are more than just a bus ticket, they include lots places and experiences that you're already keen to see and ones off the beaten track, while being able to stay longer or change your plans as and when they come up. You don't need to worry about the logistics or any language barrier because you travel with local guides and stay in recommended accommodation. 

How does it work?

Not only will you travel by bus but your pass includes travel by train, boat and tuk tuk - it's the only way to experience Southeast Asia and get off the beaten track. You can complete the route in your own time and extend your stays in places along the way as you please. Check out our maps with our recommended travelling times for each.
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What places can you visit with a Stray Asia pass?

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam - discover the 'Big 4' with Stray's hop-on-hop-off passes. Get off the beaten track in Indochina or enjoy the classics: the hilltops of the north, Angkor Wat & Halong Bay. These are just some of the incredible included experiences with the hop-on-hop-off passes.

Bamba Asia: Independent Hop-on-hop-off Travel

From downtown Delhi to the beaches of Bali, with Bamba you can travel the lengths of Asia. Try India's Golden Triangle and scoot around South East Asia - wherever you fancy exploring Bamba's convenient routes can get you there. And with some amazing add-ons thrown into the mix too, you're sure to have a blast!

How does it work?

Passes cover 20 countries, so you can travel cross continent or explore a country off the beaten track.  Enjoy local experiences as well as enjoy activities you've already planned to do, saving you money. These passes take the stress out of organising transpor with a dedicated team to help you plan and arrange any changes. Spend less time planning and more time experiencing these unique places.
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Flexible travel

Travel freely without a tour leader or a schedule while enjoying loads of free experiences. It's flexible, reliable and safe, so you can make as changes to your plans before you go or during your trip.
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Which pass is for me?

Here's the key differences between Stray Asia passes and Bamba bus passes so you can choose which pass fits with your dream trip.

* Bamba hop-on-hop-off doesn't have a guide so is for the independent traveller, Stray hop-on-hop-off does which helps to provide local insight.

* Key activities are included with both passes as well as transport.

*You'll only find Stray Asia in Southeast Asia which means these routes are off the beaten track with indepth routes stretching across Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Stray Asia also run flexi tours as well as the flexible bus passes.

Terms and Conditions

For full terms and conditions on each product, please ask your Travel Expert at time of enquiry or booking.