Hop-on hop-off bus passes

Explore, discover, meet people from all over the world and have an awesome time while you’re at it! Busabout’s amazing Hop-On Hop-Off passes will take you through 15 countries and 47 destinations. Travel at your own pace with our flexible bus passes.

Where to, traveller?

See below for our favorite itineraries to get you started on your way...
busabout europe 3 stop
3 stops | 3 cities | 3 countries
Start in historic Vienna, head up to beautiful Krakow then travel to fascinating Budapest. Finally finish on the Dalmatian coast in stunning Split. Recommended duration 12 days.
From £169
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6 stop pass | 6 cities | 4 countries
Start in magical Munich, head south to the stunning Lake Bled, enjoy gelato and gondola’s in Venice before heading to historical Rome. Head north to fabulous Florence before enjoying the beautiful scenery in the Swiss Alps, then finally finish off in Munich again. Recommended duration 22 days.
From £329
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busabout europe 9 stop
9 stop pass | 10 Cities | 6 Countries
Start by enjoying the beer in Munich, head to one of Europes hidden gems in the Austrian Alps: Grunau then to Vienna for fantastic food. Up to beautiful Krakow, then to Budapest for dive bars, spa’s and river cruises. Next to Zagreb and Split for some Croatian sun, then enjoy Venice before going to the home of bolognaise- Bologna! Finish in historical Rome. Recommended duration 34 days. 
From £489
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12 stop pass | 11 cities | 4 countries
Start in the romantic streets of Paris, head up to beautiful medieval Bruges then to  super friendly Amsterdam, discover the fascinating history of Berlin and check out the beer in Prague and Munich. Enjoy gorgeous Lake Bled. Head to beautiful Venice before going to the home of bolognaise- Bologna! Next stop, historical Rome, before continuing your Italian journey to Florence. Up to the Alps for some mountain views before having a beach break at Nice then finishing in Barcelona. Recommended duration 35 days.
From £639
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Busabout’s Hop-On Hop-Off network operates as passes so you choose your combination. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or Unlimited passes! Stay as long as you like in each destination and travel as many stops as you like. This is the ultimate flexibility! What’s not to love!?
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Busabout Passes

We’ve included some Busabout pricing to help get you started:

3 Stop pass £169
6 stop pass £329
9 stop pass £489
12 stop pass £639
15 stop pass £779
Unlimited £899

Why Choose Busabout

Convenient: Door-to-door pick ups and drop-offs at the most popular hostels.

Frequent: Buses run every other day to and from every destination on the network.

Flexible: You decide where you go and how long for. Change your plans as often as you like for free.

Sociable: Travel with like-minded backpackers and make heaps of friends.

Affordable: Stay where you like and control your own budget.


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Want to party in the best festivals in Europe? Fancy visiting some of your trip’s destinations further in-depth? How about sailing the blue seas and island hopping in style in the Mediterranean? We’ve got this covered, and there’s nothing easier than linking these trips before, after or during your Hop-On Hop-Off experience - just ask your Travel Expert for details...

Terms & Conditions

15% off Unlimited HOHO pass in Europe. 15% off West Coast HOHO in USA. 10% off HOHO (6,9,12 & 15 stop) in Europe. Book between: 26 Dec 18 – 7 Feb 19